It’s that time of year again, Friends. Travel season. You’re most likely either on vacation, going on vacation, or wishing you were on vacation. Though we’d have to agree that vacation is worth all the commute and travel; it can most definitely feel more like a task than a start to your “time off” ahead. Having convenient travel gear is worth every penny. Not only are you more comfortable, but you’re more prepared for the unexpected. Continue reading “6 MUST-HAVETRAVEL ITEMS”


Aside from the infamous “I Do’s” most wedding guests agree that one of the best parts of celebrating in a loved one’s big day is the swag you snag as a keepsake; to mark that special date in time. Just like weddings come in all styles and sizes; so do promo favors. There’s a wide variety of promotional products that serve as both novelty and functional giveaways.  Continue reading “TOP 2016 PROMOTIONALWEDDING TRENDS”


Who doesn’t love a good quality mason jar? While we might be slightly biased.. the numbers don’t lie, friends. The many styles of mason jars and mason mugs have earned their spot on the “must-have” list for all types of events. Everything from backyard picnics to fortune 500 company banquets purchase hundreds of thousands annually. With that being said; you most likely have one or more lying around at home. Maybe you got it as a gift from a friend? Or possibly earned one in an at-work program? Or if you’re like us; you’ve just bought them for yourself because they’re stylish and convenient.  Continue reading “MAKE IT WITH A MASON”


Are you looking for that one product that duels as an every-day use item and an eye-grabbing novelty piece? How about something affordable that also offers a beneficial factor to mental and physical capabilities? Look no further.

We present to you the stress ball, a palm-sized rubber ball filled with beans or seeds or another similar object. Stress balls come with a short instruction manual: you just squeeze. Over and over. Fair enough. Continue reading “STRESS-FREEMARKETING”


Fundraising is one of the easiest and most common ways to raise funds or awareness for an event or special cause. The chances of fundraising success will greatly increase with proper planning. Depending on the amount you’re trying to raise, it’s important to begin planning a detailed outline for your fundraiser before thinking about the exact item or service you will be offering.   Continue reading “FUNDRAISING FAVORITES”