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A Seed is Planted With Fruitful Results

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A Seed is Planted With Fruitful Results

State of Maine

Promotional Challenge

A cost-conscious buyer with an entrepreneurial spirit had the seed of a creative concept - a series of turnkey bumper stickers that state parks and recreation departments, resorts and other tourism organizations could sell or use in promotional efforts. To keep costs low, creativity high and the approach consistent, the buyer turned to to help the idea germinate.

Solution started with a very basic Bumper Sticker design, developed to highlight the outdoor spirit of the state of Maine. Initially available only through state park gift shops, this rare breed of bumper sticker became tremendously popular, and the buyer added thermal cut, Custom White Vinyl Decals to the order. State parks and other organizations soon caught on to the sticker ideas and began placing orders for variations on the original concept.

A Seed is Planted

Leveraging consumer demand for the bumper stickers, the buyer cultivated the interest of National Historical Site managers. designed a basic, four-color decal that, like the original bumper stickers, allowed the distributor to easily and cost-effectively mimic the approach for other clients.

The Idea Bears Fruit

By building on the hot trend of oval-shaped, Euro decals, AnyPromo manufactured an approach to keep the buyer's plan fresh and profitable. Consumers have snapped up Bumper Stickers reflecting everything from their favorite ski destination to their labor union membership.

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