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Brewery Develops Consumer Awareness

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Brewery Develops Consumer Awareness


Boulevard Brewing Company, Kansas City, MO.


To identify the company's products in retail outlets as well as restaurants; to create an image and increase public awareness of their brands.


10,000 Die Cut Custom Decals measuring 5" x 5" with the company name and logo printed in five colors;

2,500 Die Cut Custom Decals. The 1" x 4" decals are die cut. and printed in four colors: 1,250 for the company's Pale Ale Beer, and 1,250 for their Wheat Beer;

5,000 Overlaminated Custom Decals . The 2" x 18" strips include the company name and logo printed in black;

2,500 Square Corner Custom Decals measuring 1-3/8" x 4-1/2" with the copy Boulevard printed in green.


The static decals are designed to be displayed on cooler doors in liquor stores. Owners can write the price and promote specials with these colorful decals. The static decals have additional appeal because they can be easily removed after a sale, or simply moved to another cooler. Tavern owners have also been requesting them to place on mirrors in their bars.

The four color die-cut decals are printed with the company's two top brands - Pale Ale and Wheat Beer. These decals, along with the one color Boulevard decals, are given to tavern and restaurant owners that serve the company's products. The decals are placed on tapper handles where customers as well as bartenders can see what's on tap.

The large overlaminated decals are placed on kegs of beer. The client needed a "rugged" decal because the kegs are washed with an acid solution and are also tossed around on delivery trucks.


"This company's first order was a simple warning decal required by the government," commented the buyer. "Since then, not only have they purchased large quantities of decals, but they have upscaled many of their decals as well. Now we're doing four and five color jobs and each of these orders has repeated at least once. They have definitely discovered the promotional value of decals with very good results!"

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