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Children Bring Home Recycling Message

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Children Bring Home Recycling Message


The Iberville, Louisiana parish police jury in conjunction with the local division of Dow Chemical Company.


Iberville is the first rural parish in the state to launch a recycling program on a household basis. A promotion targeting children was developed to create awareness of the new program. According to a Dow Chemical spokeswoman, "children ultimately have the greatest impact."


7,500 Bumper Stickers;

15,000 Custom Decals measuring 5" in diameter;

20,000 Custom Decals measuring 2" in diameter;

A contest was held in the parish's 13 schools to raise awareness of the program. The two winning entries, one for the slogan and one for the artwork, were imprinted in seven colors on all three items.


To help launch the program, Bumper Stickers were given to each of the 7,000 parish students. The smaller 2" decals were given to teachers to use as rewards, particularly with the elementary school students. Approximately three months into the program, a letter was mailed to residents to reinforce the benefits of recycling and remind people what items can be recycled. The colorful 5" decals were included in the mailing to be applied to recycling bins.


Dow Chemical reports, "These items truly launched the recycling program. The Bumper Stickers can be seen all over the parish." The public education program was targeted to kids "because they listen. They take the ball and run with it into the home where they teach the parents!" Feedback to date has been very positive and the company is considering expanding the program to other schools.

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