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Digital Reduces Costs

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Digital Reduces Costs


A Parks and Recreation Department on the West Coast.

Promotional Challenge

Reduce costs while producing publications. A Parks and Recreation department in a city on the West Coast was faced with budget cuts and big decisions. The department needed a way to reduce the cost of producing its annual year in review report. The report is an integral part of the department's efforts to promote and educate the community about the programs and services they offer, as well as highlight the department's accomplishments.


Screen Printed Recordable CD. Printed in four-color process and on white spot color. The CD holds all of the information with room to spare. By going digital, the department found that it was very easy to transition the data onto their web site for additional exposure.

Creativity Sparks Increased Activity

The CDs were met with such high praise from local governing bodies that the city is considering implementing them in some other departments for annual reports, cataloging of inventory, and various record keeping. City watchdogs also note that the CD's money saving benefits result in a high level of service that the city can continue to offer its citizens.

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