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Police Introduce Public Safety Program

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Police Introduce Public Safety Program


McAllen, Texas, Police Department.


To reduce the city's auto theft rate.


5,000 Custom Inside Window Decals printed in seven colors.


The city implemented a program known as C.A.A.T - Citizens Against Auto Theft. It is designed for people who do not use their cars between the hours of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. Cars displaying the CAAT window stickers are pulled over by the police during these early morning hours. If the driver is the owner or someone who has permission to drive the car, he may continue on. But if police think the car has been stolen, the suspect may be arrested.

The police department set up a booth at a local mall to explain the program and distribute window stickers to people interested in the program. Local radio stations supported the effort by talking about the program on the air and inviting the public to stop by the booth at the mall. The decals are available to the public at no charge.


"Programs like this are popping up all across the country," according to the buyer. "The idea came from a similar program in New York called 'H.E.A.T.' for Help End Auto Theft. We initially designed this program on a larger scale for the city of Dallas. Obviously it works on any scale." The police department has received money to help fund the program from insurance companies and other organizations. "Everyone believes in the cause."

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