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Tourist Attraction Develops Local Business

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Tourist Attraction Develops Local Business


Atlantis Submarine, a resort/tourist attraction in Hawaii, operates submarine trips from three Hawaiian islands.


While many of the company's customers are tourists, this program is targeted to residents. The company's goal is to generate business by developing interest in class field trips and encouraging individual family trips.


10,000 Custom Decal sheets. Designed after AnyPromo's Sticker Sheet collection, this custom sheet includes fish with lunch boxes and schoolbooks. There's even a turtle with a back pack as well as the Atlantis submarine. A total of twelve removable decals are thermally die-cut on the 3-1/2" x 7" sheet. For added durability, the four-color process decals were screen printed on white vinyl rather than paper.


"Crew members" from Atlantis go to public and private elementary schools on three islands to present "The Living Classroom." During this program, older children are taught about the underwater environment, navigation and other related topics. Younger children learn about underwater life and different kinds of fish. At the end of the program, older children receive an imprinted book cover. Younger children are given the Atlantis Sticker Sheets as a souvenir.


The buyer enthusiastically explained the program and results. "My company really liked the idea of Silly Stickers. Not only do kids love stickers, they also provide an opportunity for Atlantis to get their message into homes. When we began talking about large quantities, I suggested a custom sheet. The order was initially placed for 5,000 pieces, but when my client saw the actual samples, the order was increased to a 10,000 run!" The compnay has received positive responses and has already notified the buyer of plans to repeat the order soon. "The children have enjoyed them so much. I think they may make them available as souvenirs for tourists, too!"

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