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What is a key chain?

A keychain is a normal length (usually small) chain that connects a little yet attractive item in a split ring. It is actually not the keychain itself that accounts for the promotion of a business or a product, but the item linked to the split ring perform the task of product promotion through a keychain. The keychain is permanently connected to the item, yet it has an opening which is attached to the split ring. The part including keychain and the item is what we call promotional keychains. Thus, the split ring can be changed or replaced whenever it is required.

Business Techniques

You may wonder of how can this little manufactured items help in promotion? Here are some reasons of using promotional keychains in the marketing industry. Even many large firms are using personalized keychains for the marketing of their business worldwide.

1. Wide Usage:

Keychains are part of every household and business accessories as these keys are certainly used everywhere. Thus your promotional keychains have high chances of being widely used. Another positive point here is that keychains are not only used with keys but also attached to bottle openers, pill cases, paper sprays, nail clippers, family photos, address books or even mobile phones.

2. Price Matters:

Keychains do not cost much and are pretty affordable for everyone. As thepromotional keychains are bought and distributed in bulk, it is one of the most attractive ways of promotion. Normal keychains are available in the shops ranging from $1 to around $10 or even more. But these promotional keychains start from some cents and cost no more than $2. It is rather a cheaper way of promotion and gets more attention among people than billboards, TV ads, radio ads or even other promotional items such as calendars, mugs or shirts. If you introduce some of these keychains into the market, you will see how much these keychains are preferred over normal ones due to prices.

3. Importance:

Keychains can also be used as gift items. Gift items play an important role in prosperity of any business as you know that public relations work in a great deal to increase business publicity. To create a good community, gift giving is an ideal thing to do. Keychains can be gifted from which you can receive three benefits. Number one, a relationship is developed. Number two, it is not a very expensive gift, and thus money is saved. Thirdly, usage of your keychain would be noticed by others.


It is the best idea to get the keychain designed in a way that suites the product and attracts the clientele. These promotional keychains advertise your product or business through just a symbol and a unique Selling Preposition.

Thus, it totally depends, how creative you are while designing a keychain.

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