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Retailer Creates Upscale Image


Ross Park Mall, an upscale shopping mall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


To set Ross Park Mall apart from the other shopping malls in the area and create a "high fashion" image.


5,000 Custom Embossed Foil Seals. The 2" x 6" die-cut seals were embossed with the mall name and theme "There's A Place For Everything;"

5,000 corresponding Custom Embossed Foil Seals measuring 1 1/2" x 3 1/4". Half of each order was printed on silver foil, the other half on gold foil. A matte finish background was used to highlight detail.


The larger seals are used on small shopping bags, various promotional pieces, as well as on gift boxes in retailers' displays. The smaller seals are placed on mall gift certificates and other visual items in the mall.


As the buyer explained: "These seals span set uses. They have multiple uses, and management at the mall finds more uses every day." Some examples? The mall occasionally sponsors a gift-with-purchase program for customers. The Embossed Foil Seals have been used for mall identification on items that can't be imprinted. Retailers have often requested them for use in their displays. On one occasion, various seals were given to retailers as part of a contest to see who could make the best use of them! In general, the seals are something they can give merchants and enable everyone to tie-in with various themes and promotions.

As far as materials, the distributor explained that by ordering both gold and silver they can color coordinate the seals with various promotions and seasons from Father's Day with sporting themes to fall or Christmas. The two colors of seals also help them keep track of when gift certificates are distributed and redeemed.

The distributor feels the seals are understated yet classy. "Management for this client takes a unique approach to marketing and wants to set themselves apart. We went the extra mile on die-cutting, embossing, even adding a border. It all adds up to the right touch and the right image!".

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