Looking for a way to make your next event a hit?
You've come to the right place! At AnyPromo, we help companies and organizations just like yours make their internal and external events memorable. We will print your logo on about anything we can get our hands on. From pens, shirts, hats, mugs, bags, etc. you need it printed, we do it!
You will get $15 Promo Bucks towards your first purchase. Get started today and create your account, you'll thank me later.
*AnyPromo reserves the right to refuse this offer to anyone who tries to abuse it.
What are Promo Bucks and what can I use them for?
If you have Promo Bucks, it's internal credit safely stored in your AnyPromo account. You can use Promo Bucks for anything even Flash Deals, 10 for 10 items, and our Last Call section.

When will my promo bucks show up on my account?
Referred candidates will receive their promo bucks once they create an account. Once the referred candidate makes their first purchase and the purchase is CLOSED, the referrer will receive their reward.

Do I have to spend my promo bucks on my first order?
No. Referred candidates can keep saving for a future order, but they must place an order. Once the order is closed, the referrer will receive their reward.

How do I collect more Promo Bucks?
Once you create an account on, we giveaway Promo Bucks as rewards and for special occasions.

Could I transfer my Promo Bucks to another account?
No, sorry.

Could I exchange my Promo Bucks for real cash?

How do I apply my Promo Bucks on an order?
On the order confirmation tab at checkout, you can choose to use your Promo Bucks on your order.

Do memberships, pre-production samples or regular sample orders count as a full order?

Do Promo Bucks expire?
Yes, they do. Stay updated with expiration dates for your Promo Bucks on the "My Bucks" section in your account settings.
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