Promotional Vehicle Tools

AnyPromo's branded tire gauges make it easy to keep your tires properly inflated, which can improve fuel efficiency and extend the life of your tires. Our custom multitools are perfect for keeping in your glove box for those unexpected repairs. And our promotional tool sets make great gifts for employees or clients who are always on the go. Whether you're looking for a branded tire gauge, a custom multitool, or a promotional tool set, AnyPromo has the perfect solution for you.

Automotive Tools:
11 items total
Precision Pro Nx 10 Slope Range Finder
as low as$374.97
FREE Setup
Min. Quantity: 12 pcs
OtterBox(R) Drybox 3250 Series
as low as$41.32
FREE Setup
Min. Quantity: 12 pcs
Automotive Roadside and Medical Kit
as low as$20.99
Min. Quantity: 20 pcs
Inwood Auto Light Tool Kit
as low as$9.81
SAVE on Setup
Min. Quantity: 25 pcs
Automotive Kit
as low as$40.77
Min. Quantity: 25 pcs
Premium Automotive Kit
as low as$39.46
Min. Quantity: 25 pcs
Waterproof Dry Bag Auto Kit
as low as$38.01
Min. Quantity: 25 pcs
Highway 9- Piece Gift Set
as low as$25.24
FREE Setup
5.0 (1)
Min. Quantity: 20 pcs
Highway Deluxe Roadside Kit with Tools
as low as$56.24
Min. Quantity: 12 pcs
Automotive 7- Piece Roadside Emergency Kit
as low as$13.75
FREE Setup
Min. Quantity: 25 pcs
Highway Companion Auto Safety Set
as low as$35.24
FREE Setup
Min. Quantity: 16 pcs
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