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Promotional Optimum - II Trunk Organizer
as low as $10.10
Min. QTY: 50
Promotional Euclid Multi - Function Plier
as low as $12.86
Min. QTY: 50
Promotional Optimum - IV Trunk Organizer with Cooler
as low as $29.89
Min. QTY: 12
Promotional Carbon Steel Screwdriver Set
as low as $1.30
Min. QTY: 200
Promotional Forest Multi - Function Pliers
as low as $16.65
Min. QTY: 25
Promotional Giftcor Collectio Socket Driver Set
as low as $11.78
Min. QTY: 50
Promotional Air Vent Phone Mount
as low as $6.45
Min. QTY: 48
Promotional Magnetic Car Phone Holder
as low as $6.29
Min. QTY: 48
Magnetic Air Vent Phone HolderPromotional Magnetic Air Vent Phone Holder
as low as $2.88
Min. QTY: 150
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Promotional Leatherman Freestyle
as low as $53.60
Min. QTY: 10
Promotional Mini Tape Measure Keychain
as low as $1.32
Min. QTY: 125
Promotional Plastic Screwdriver Keylight
as low as $1.79
Min. QTY: 150
Promotional Screwdriver Tool Set with Pouch
as low as $10.21
Min. QTY: 25
Promotional Single - Port USB Charger
as low as $2.21
Min. QTY: 75
Promotional Screwdriver Flashlight Key Chain
as low as $1.34
Min. QTY: 100
Promotional Custom Measure All Tape Measure - 16
as low as $2.77
Min. QTY: 50
Promotional Body Wave Tape Measure
as low as $1.23
Min. QTY: 100
Promotional Square Tape Measure Key Chain
as low as $0.80
Min. QTY: 125
Promotional Emergency Escape Tool
as low as $2.81
Min. QTY: 50
Promotional Auto Fresh Air Freshener
as low as $1.23
Min. QTY: 100
Promotional Car Sign Circle Magnet 3-3/4 Diameter
as low as $0.46
Min. QTY: 24
FREE Setup
Promotional Honeycomb Accent Lif In Motion Cargo Box
as low as $9.66
Min. QTY: 50
Promotional Expandable Trunk Organizer
as low as $8.42
Min. QTY: 50
Promotional Non - Woven Multi - Tasking Organizer
as low as $4.61
Min. QTY: 30
Promotional Aluminum Multi - Tool
as low as $2.41
Min. QTY: 200
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Promotional 5 Ft. Heart Tape Measure w / Neck Strap
as low as $1.03
Min. QTY: 100
FREE Setup
Promotional Pocket Tool With Led Light
as low as $3.23
Min. QTY: 25
FREE Setup
Promotional Tri - Edge Ice Scraper
as low as $1.53
Min. QTY: 100
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Promotional Small Car Magnets - 5 Diameter
as low as $1.45
Min. QTY: 100
Made in USA
Promotional Small Car Magnet - 4 Circle
as low as $1.29
Min. QTY: 100
Made in USA
Promotional Small Car Magnet - 3 X 6 Rectangle
as low as $1.63
Min. QTY: 100
Made in USA
Promotional Ice Scraper Glove Combo
as low as $4.13
Min. QTY: 50
Promotional Magnetic Blade Measuring Tape
as low as $13.84
Min. QTY: 50
FREE Setup
About this Optimum - II Trunk Organizer:Two compartment trunk organizer with front pocket and carry handles folds down to 14 1/2" x 12 1/4" x 2 1/2". Finish / Material: 110gsm Laminated NW PP. 12 1/4" High, 14 1/2" Wide. Interior Divider. Folds Flat for Easy Storage.Special Instructions:Rush Service:1. Purchase Order must clearly state artwork instructions and logo to be used.2. One Color/One Location Imprint Only.Other imprint methods may be available; please call for details. Please note that product images may not depict the standard imprint method included in pricing.
Optimum-II Trunk Organizer
About this Euclid Multi - Function Plier:Multi-function pliers feature spring-loaded pliers with wire cutters, double-tooth saw, double-sided nail file, two flathead screwdrivers, Phillips screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, fish scaler and 2" ruler, all in a convenient nylon belt pouch. Finish / Material: ABS Plastic, Stainless Steel.Special Instructions:Rush Service:1. Purchase Order must clearly state artwork instructions and logo to be used.2. One Color/One Location Imprint Only.
Euclid Multi-Function Plier
About this Optimum - IV Trunk Organizer with Cooler:Large 3 compartment collapsible trunk organizer constructed from durable 600D materials with 5 side pockets, bottom stiffeners and carry handles features a 34-can PEVA-lined cooler with zippered top. The organizer is 15 3/4" wide x 11 1/4" high when folded flat for storage and expands to 25 1/2" long. Finish / Material: PEVA Lining, 600D Poly.Special Instructions:Rush Service:1. Purchase Order must clearly state artwork instructions and logo to be used.2. One Color/One Location Imprint Only.
Optimum-IV Trunk Organizer with Cooler
About this Carbon Steel Screwdriver Set:Folding carbon steel screwdriver set features 3 Phillips and 3 flathead driver bits in a tough ABS plastic case. Finish / Material: ABS Plastic, Steel.Special Instructions:Rush Service:1. Purchase Order must clearly state artwork instructions and logo to be used.2. One Color/One Location Imprint Only.
Carbon Steel Screwdriver Set
About this Forest Multi - Function Pliers:Multi-function stainless steel tool features needlenose pliers with wire cutter, 2 1/4" knife, serrated knife, double-tooth saw, double-sided file, two flathead screwdrivers, Phillips screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener with scraper blade, steel handle, and a handy hook clip all in a convenient nylon belt pouch. Finish / Material: Stainless Steel.Special Instructions:Rush Service:1. Purchase Order must clearly state artwork instructions and logo to be used.2. One Color/One Location Imprint Only.Other imprint methods may be available; please call for details. Please note that product images may not depict the standard imprint method included in pricing.
Forest Multi-Function Pliers
About this Giftcor Collectio Socket Driver Set:This 19-piece tool set includes a reversible ratchet with TPR rubber grip and a 2 3/8" driver extension. The 10-piece bit set includes Phillips, flathead mini screwdrivers, hex and star bits in a spring-loaded bit holder. The set also includes seven sockets including 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12mm sizes in a tough spring-loaded ABS case with hanging tab. Finish / Material: Stainless Steel, ABS Plastic, Rubber.Special Instructions:Rush Service:1. Purchase Order must clearly state artwork instructions and logo to be used.2. One Color/One Location Imprint Only.
Giftcor Collectio Socket & Driver Set
About this Air Vent Phone Mount:Mobile phone mounts onto the dashboard air vent of your car.360° swivel ball joint adaptor for adjustability to view any angle.Holds most phones and GPS devices.Push button for auto-expandable grip and phone detachment.Silicone grip base prevents scratching.Material: PP, Silicone.
Air Vent Phone Mount
About this Magnetic Car Phone Holder:Magnetic mount includes:Suction cup securely fits on windows/dashboard.360°rotating ball.Easy to use air vent connector.Steel plate with 3M adhesive backing.Material:PP.
Magnetic Car Phone Holder
About this 8 Bit Metal Screwdriver Tool Kit w / Metal Clip:This tool kit was designed for easy tool storage and use.Eight tools are housed inside this compact unit!Just screw off the back for access.Material: Aluminum.Small shifting of imprint cannot be avoided when Laser Engraving. As each product is manufactured and printed individually, up to 3/16" movement in logo alignment may occur. Tools are intended for individual use and cannot be compared one to another.
8 Bit Metal Screwdriver Tool Kit w/Metal Clip
About this Magnetic Air Vent Phone Holder:Universal Phone Holder.Full 360° Rotation.Smartphone Stand.Modern compact design works with all smart phones.Ultra-functional thanks to the use of 4 strong internal magnets.Rubberized head works perfectly with the internal magnets so that your phone is protected from scratches.Simply hold your device near the magnetic head and it will attach firmly to the phone mount.One round & one rectangle metal plate included (plates can be imprinted with additional charges).
Magnetic Air Vent Phone Holder
About this 12 X 6 Promotional License Plate / Car Tag - Digitally Printed:12" x 6" full-size license plate.Full color license plates targets your business on the move.NOTE: Product comes with Prop 65 warning label when shipped to California.  Label reads: ""WARNING: This product may contain carcinogen, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, go to
12" X 6" Promotional License Plate / Car Tag - Digitally Printed
About this Leatherman Freestyle:Great as a stand-alone tool or a companion tool for those activity-specific tools that don't feature pliers or a knife. Outside-accessible and locking blade. Replaceable pocket clip. Material: Stainless Steel
Leatherman Freestyle
About this Mini Tape Measure Keychain:Tape measure with plastic casing, rubber grip and keyring. Plastic with metal tape measure. Rubber grip cover. 39" - inch retractable, locking tape measure. Metal split-ring keychain.Materials: ABS Plastic
Mini Tape Measure Keychain
About this Plastic Screwdriver Keylight:Multi-tool is perfect for all jobs. The three interchangeable screw bits, as well as the interchangeable light will alllow you to complete project on time!Materials: PS Plastic
Plastic Screwdriver Keylight
About this Screwdriver Tool Set with Pouch:19-piece precision tool kit with convenient case to carry. Features a carabiner. Tools in pouch are secured with a hook and loop closure.Includes: 10 screwdriver bits, 1 screwdriver extender, 1 screwdriver handle, 3 allen keys, 4-piece-socket-set.Material: Pouch: 600D Polyester; Tools: Carbon Steel with ABS Plastic Handle.
Screwdriver Tool Set with Pouch
About this Single - Port USB Charger:Cigarette Lighter Car Adapter For USB Devices. Charges MP3 Players, Phones & Other Electronics Using USB Connection. Charging Indicator Light. Perfect For Long Road Trips. Related Search Terms: Charger Do you know not all USB Car Chargers can charge your iPad. When choosing a car charger, one thing we should pay attention to is the output spec of the charger. The output decides what kind of device the charger can charge. Usually there are two kinds of USB output, 1 Amp and 2.1 Amp. The 1 Amp USB port can charge smart phones like: iPhone, Amazon Fire Phone and some of the Nokia Windows Phones (Samsung Galaxy Series need 2.1 Amp). The 2.1 Amp USB port charges most of the popular tablets and smart phones: iPad, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy, Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" and so on. The 1 Amp charger can charge all devices with minimum input spec lower than 1 Amp. The 2.1 Amp charger can charge all devices with minimum input spec lower than 2.1 Amp. Following is the battery spec info for popular mobile devices: Apple iphone 6 +..................1 AMP iphone 6 .....................1 AMP iphone 5s.....................1 AMP iphone 5c ....................1 AMP iphone 5 ......................1 AMP ipad Mini 3...................2 AMP ipad Mini 2...................2 AMP ipad Mini 1...................1 AMP ipad Air 2......................2 AMP ipad Air..........................2 AMP Nokia Lumin 920.....................1 AMP Lumin 830 ....................1.5 AMP Lumin 530.....................0.35 AMP Lumin 1320 .................1.5 AMP Lumin 630/635 ...........0.75 AMP Lumin Icon....................1.5 AMP Lumin 1520...................1.5 AMP Lumin 1020...................1.5 AMP Lumin 2520...................1.5 AMP Samsung Atic S Neo........................0.5 AMP Galaxy Note 3 ................2 AMP Galaxy Note 4.................2 AMP Galaxy Note Edge..........2 AMP Galaxy S4..........................2 AMP Galaxy S5..........................2 AMP Galaxy Avant...................1 AMP Galaxy Tab 4 7.0.............2 AMP Galaxy Tab 4 8.0.............2 AMP Galaxy Tab 4 10.0...........2 AMP Amazon Fire Phone............................1 AMP Kindle Fire HD 6" ..............1 Amp Kindle Fire HDX 7".............1 AMP Kindle Fire HDX 8.9"..........1.8 AMP NOTE: Product comes with Prop 65 warning label. Label reads: WARNING: This product may contain carcinogen, which is known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, go to Related Search Terms: Charger
Single-Port USB Charger
About this Screwdriver Flashlight Key Chain:Double-ended screw bits fit inside case.Phillips & flathead screw end.Split key ring with chain.Powered by 4 button cell batteries, inserted.NOTE: Product comes with Prop 65 warning label. Label reads: WARNING: This product may contain carcinogen, which is known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, go to Related Products: Led Keylight Bottle Opener as low as $1.23 The Everything Tool Key Chain as low as $2.37 Tag Along Multi-Tool as low as $1.50 
Screwdriver Flashlight Key Chain
About this Custom Measure All Tape Measure - 16:How do you measure success? The Custom Measure All Tape Measure is a handy giveaway that offers a product that customers will use for years to come. The heavy-duty Custom Measure All Tape Measure is available in 2 color options to help make branding a breeze! About this 16' Custom Measure All Tape Measure: • Measure up to your clients expectations by giving them the Custom Measure All Tape Measure. • This small hand tool can be imprinted with your company's logo and message, which will make them great giveaways at your next business event. • The retractable tape measure is clearly marked in both inch and metric measurements. • The Custom Measure All Tape Measure comes in blue and yellow colors. • The Custom Measure All Tape Measure is made from a durable APS plastic. • This measuring tape has a lock button and a metal belt clip making it easy and safe to use. • Both the grip and lanyard on the Custom Measure All Tape Measure are made from rubber. • This heavy duty tape measure will be an asset on any job site. • If you have a new construction business or have your own wood working business, introduce yourself by sending potential clients the Custom Measure All Tape Measure with your name imprinted on it. Material: • The Custom Measure All Tape Measure Is made of: Rubber, ABS, Steel. People Also Search For: Custom Measure All Tape Measure, Promotional Tape Measure, Imprinted Tape Measure, Custom Retractable Tape Measure, Locking Logo Tape MeasureNOTE: Product comes with Prop 65 warning label. Label reads: WARNING: This product may contain carcinogen, which is known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, go to Related Products: Level Light Screwdriver Pen as low as $1.98 Combo Notepad/Pen & Penlight 6.5' Tape Measure as low as $2.18 Slim Card 3' Tape Measure with Level Indicator as low as $1.33 5 Foot Round Tape Measure as low as $0.57 Square Tape Measure Key Chain as low as $0.82 
Custom Measure All Tape Measure - 16'
About this Body Wave Tape Measure:5-foot PVC tape to measure body circumference. Locks To Ensure Tape Stays In Place. Push Button Retraction.
Body Wave Tape Measure
About this Square Tape Measure Key Chain:5-Foot Measuring Tape. Auto Lock And Push Button Return. Durable Pvc Tape. Split Ring Key Chain. Related Products: Level Light Screwdriver Pen as low as $1.98 Combo Notepad/Pen & Penlight 6.5' Tape Measure as low as $2.18 Slim Card 3' Tape Measure with Level Indicator as low as $1.33 5 Foot Round Tape Measure as low as $0.57 Custom Measure All Tape Measure - 16' as low as $2.84 
Square Tape Measure Key Chain
About this Emergency Escape Tool:Energency Hammer. Hammer design to break windows in an emergency. Built-in seatbelt cutter in handle. NOTE: Product comes with Prop 65 warning label. Label reads: WARNING: This product may contain carcinogen, which is known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, go to
Emergency Escape Tool
About this Auto Fresh Air Freshener:Hangs from rear view mirror. Slowly releases scent. NOTE: Product comes with Prop 65 warning label. Label reads: WARNING: This product may contain carcinogen, which is known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, go to
Auto Fresh Air Freshener
About this Car Sign Circle Magnet 3-3/4 Diameter:The perfect size to fit most gas caps, this stock car sign magnet measures 3 3/4" in diameter and is approximately 0.030 thick. With your custom imprint prominently displayed, building brand awareness can be a smooth ride. "Remove weekly for surface cleaning. " automatically added to every car sign. Great for mechanics and auto shop.
Car Sign Circle Magnet 3-3/4 Diameter
About this Honeycomb Accent Lif In Motion Cargo Box:Sturdy and affordable, this laminated trunk organizer is great for transporting groceries, sports gear and more. Large main compartment with divider to keep items organized. Designed to fit full size grocery totes. Grab handles and front slash pocket. Collapsible for easy storage (folded size: 12" x 14"). Eye-catching honeycomb graphic on interior and exterior. Elastic bungee to secure when not in use. Materials: Laminated Non-Woven/Honeycomb Accent. Colors shown are computer simulations of material colors.Special Instructions:Rush Service: One Color / One Locaion Imprint Only. For Web Quantity Only. Related Products: Life in Motion™ Primary Cargo Box as low as $11.33 Life in Motion™ Primary Cargo Box - Santa Fe Red as low as $11.33 
Honeycomb Accent Lif In Motion Cargo Box
About this Expandable Trunk Organizer:Constructed of 80 GSM non-woven polypropylene material. Features three large compartments, an outside mesh pocket and plastic handles. Easily holds groceries or can be used for organizing clutter in trunk. Collapses flat for easy storage when not in use.
Expandable Trunk Organizer
About this Non - Woven Multi - Tasking Organizer:Use As A Trunk Organizer, Shopper Tote Or For Storage.Made Of 80 Gram Non-Woven Coated, Water-Resistant Polypropylene.Large Main Compartment.Folds Flat When Not In Use.Convenient Front Pocket.25 ½" Carrying Handles.Web Carrying Handles.Structured Sides And Bottom Gusset.Spot Clean/Air Dry.Special Instructions:Multicolor imprint is available, Please call for service.
Non-Woven Multi-Tasking Organizer
About this Mobile Tech Car Accessory Kit Components inserted into Polyester Zipper Pouch:Components inserted into Polyester Zipper Pouch.This Tech Kit provides the essential mobile and tech accessories you need for travel on the go.Includes white headphone earphones, matching color USB Car Charger and matching color zipper pouch.Material: Pouch Material: 210D Polyester.
Mobile Tech Car Accessory Kit Components inserted into Polyester Zipper Pouch
About this Aluminum Multi - Tool:Multi-functional compact emergency tool that stores in sleeve that fits in a wallet, pocket, backpack or purseIncludes a letter opener screwdriver, bottle opener direction recognition, hex wrenches, butterfly wrench & peelerNOTE: Product comes with Prop 65 warning label.  Label reads: "WARNING: This product may contain carcinogen, which is known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, go to Instructions:1 day rush is available on all in-stock items, one color/one location imprints, and laser engraved orders.
Aluminum Multi-Tool
About this 5 Ft. Heart Tape Measure w / Neck Strap:Soft flexible measuring tape extends 5 feet long (60 inches).Includes 18'' long white lanyard to wear around your neck.Self lock and release button on back.Features measurements in inches and centimeters. Related Products: 10 Ft. Translucent Tape Measure as low as $1.10 3 Ft. Tire Tape Measure Key Chain as low as $1.40 3 Ft. Leveler Tape Measure as low as $0.91 3 1/4 Ft. Tape Measure Key Light as low as $1.44 
5 Ft. Heart Tape Measure w/ Neck Strap
About this Pocket Tool With Led Light:Aluminum, PC & ABS plastic pocket multi-tool with 6 screwdriver bits and LED Light.Screwdriver bits are made of stainless steel.Bits stored in removable center panel.Item ships assembled.6 Bits included: CRV 3, CRV 2, CRV 1.5, CRV PH2, CRV PH1, CRV PHO.Uses 4 button cell batteries (AG13), included, replaceable.Patent Pending.
Pocket Tool With Led Light
About this Tri - Edge Ice Scraper:ABS Plastic ice scraper with removable rotating 3 sided panel. One side/panel is a traditional ice scraper, one features a jagged edge, and the 3rd side is a squeegee.
Tri-Edge Ice Scraper
About this Small Car Magnets - 5 Diameter:5" diameter small round car magnets imprinted with your message.Build your brand outdoors with our durable car magnets.Water resistant and UV stable to provide long lasting impressions.
Small Car Magnets- 5" Diameter
About this Small Car Magnet - 4 Circle:Custom Printed Circular Car Magnet with a 4" diameter.Build your brand outdoors with our durable car magnets.Water resistant and UV stable to provide long lasting impressions.
Small Car Magnet- 4" Circle
About this Small Car Magnet - 3 X 6 Rectangle:Small Rectangle Car Magnet measuring 3" x 6".Build your brand outdoors with our durable car magnets.Water resistant and UV stable to provide long lasting impressions.
Small Car Magnet- 3" X 6" Rectangle
About this Ice Scraper Glove Combo:Your company will be appreciated over and over again as hands remain warm when this scraper is used to clear glass. Combination of plastic ice scraper and super-warm glove. Protects your hands from snow and wind. Materials: Polyester
Ice Scraper Glove Combo
About this Magnetic Blade Measuring Tape:This tape measure will stick to your belt loop for easy transportation. The front of the measuring tape is also a magnet, so if you are measuring the distance from a metal surface, it will stick to it. Made from quality material and using both metric and standard measuring, this is a must have tool.33' X 1" metal tape measure with metric/inch metal tape bladeDual side tape measurer help to measure easilerMarking and measuring made easy with dual hook endBelt Clip and wrist strap includedMaterial: Steel
Magnetic Blade Measuring Tape

Winning Promotional Auto Products

Giving away custom automotive accessories is a great way to get daily brand exposure. When someone has your promotional product in their car, they’ll see your logo or custom design on their daily commute and weekend trips too.

Roadside Emergency Kit

A great automotive promotional product can legitimately improve a recipient’s quality of life. The average American worker spends months of their life driving when it’s all added up. That’s why giving away a small convenience when on the road can add up to a lot of appreciation.

Automotive promotion isn’t just limited to small conveniences though. Every day, drivers are saved from getting lost with a dead smartphone by having car adapters to plug in to. In colder climates, having an ice scraper can help drivers safely see the road. That’s why cigarette lighter adapters and ice scrapers are popular giveaways for businesses from all industries.

Whether you’re looking to fully deck someone out with branded emergency tools or are just looking for a thoughtful and budget-friendly gift, AnyPromo has a promotional automotive product to fit your needs.

  • Highway emergency kits come in very handy when a car crash happens. Most kits include a flashlight, jumper cables, gloves, and more.
  • Bumper stickers are a customer favorite because they not only allow brands to advertise in traffic, they are great to stick about anywhere.

Why do so many business owners trust AnyPromo for personalized automotive giveaways? AnyPromo is the best source for wholesale custom branded auto gifts because not only do we stand by our product with a 100-day return policy, we guarantee the lowest online advertised price.

Promotional Auto Product Customization

With promotional automotive products, you have tons of customization options. Whether you’re looking for screen printed windshield covers or pad printed cigarette lighter adapters, you’re sure to find the perfect personalized auto-related giveaway to represent your brand.

Screen Printed Windshield Shade

The 3 most common automotive giveaway customization methods are:

  • Screen printing, which involves applying one or more layers of ink to your custom auto product through a custom-made mesh screen of your logo or design.
  • Pad Printing, which involves dipping a printing pad in a custom plate of ink and applying your custom design or logo to the product’s surface.
  • Full color printing, which involves a digitally printing a full color image on your giveaway with CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) ink.

Most customers choose pad printing because it works well on curvy items like car power adapters for cigarette lighters. Pad printed adapters are a customer-favorite of businesses who work with commuters. That’s why no modern car is complete without being equipped with a custom branded USB power adapter.

When giving out custom auto-related giveaways, we know how important it is for the imprint to be clear and distinct. We have a 100-day return policy so that you can shop with assurance you’ll really get a quality logo on your product.

We also have a graphic design team at your disposal free of charge so that you don’t have to be an expert to get a custom printed car chargers and bumper stickers that look good.

Customized Auto Accessory Price Match Guarantee

AnyPromo is the cheapest online source for custom branded automotive accessories and tools, guaranteed. If you find any of these car-related products customized cheaper anywhere else, we won’t just match the price, we’ll beat it.

Pocket Pal Aluminium Screw Tool Pen
  • Emergency roadside kits are very popular because there is no better way to earn a positive brand sentiment than to be there in a time of crisis.
  • Automotive dealers and high school booster clubs are big fans of showing off in traffic with our custom printed license plate frames.

When buying automotive gifts wholesale for giveaways, we know how much our customers care about getting a turbocharged deal. That’s why if you find the same car giveaways at a lower advertised price elsewhere, we’ll beat the price by 10% of the difference. That’s our best advertised price guarantee.

We are dedicated to making promotional car and truck giveaways affordable. With AnyPromo’s selection of budget-friendly vehicle gifts for customization and our lowest advertised price promise, even small businesses can afford to promote their brand with commuter gifts imprinted with their logo or custom design.

“Making marketing make cents” means squeezing out every possible penny of savings and passing this value to the customer. That’s why we believe it’s so important to stand by our promise to save you the most money on logo imprinted automotive giveaways.

AnyPromo's Customer Service

Check out what our satisfied customers have to say about our custom car and driving related giveaways:

Safety Tire Gauge Tool

the staff liked the product very much. They were rewarded for perfect meeting attendance. I plan to purchase more in the future for an incentive to promote safety in the workplace. Very cute as well as an item I believe that individuals will use.The logo is outstanding! tools of the trade! We used this at an auto convention to give to the attendees and what a hit! - Riley

These Dual Port Chargers turned out great! We had previously ordered these exact ones through another company and was told they were not able to make our logo any larger. Not only did you guys beat their prices but our logo was double the size! Thank you So much!!! - Amy

When finding your preferred source of custom promotional gar gifts, we know that customer service matters.

At AnyPromo, we believe buying automotive promo items with your custom logo should be as easy as possible. Buying promo car chargers, auto tools, or windshield shades for your company or organization should never be a hassle. Our customer support team is ready to help you find the right car promo to go with your branding.

You don’t need to navigate our giant selection of bulk and wholesale automotive gifts alone.

  • Do you need a license plate frame that matches your company or school colors? Give our promotional product consultants a call to find the perfect colored promotional plate frame.
  • Are you looking for a windshield scraper with durability? Let us know, and we’ll get a product specialist to assist you find the right ice scraper that will last multiple winters.
  • Doing a promotional giveaway of multi-tools a budget? Let our customer service agents know how much you’re working with, and we’ll find pocket knife or Leatherman at the right price.

Still have questions about getting custom ice scrapers, emergency kits, or tire pressure gauges made with your logo or custom design? Call us at 1 (877) 368-5678 or hit “Live Chat” at the top of the page to get in touch with our friendly experts who can help you find the right promotional car accessory to spread your message.

Winning Promotional Auto Products

We've got over 1,000+ high utility promotional auto items available that are sure to generate impressions every time the tire pressure is questionable, or an emergency flashlight is needed! Delight guests at auto shows, and more, with these hot items they are sure to use.

Roadside Emergency Kit
  • According to PPAI report findings, 73% of people who used the promotional product that they received said they’d continued to use it at least once a week.
  • On average, 73% of people who use the promotional product that they had received stated that they used it at least once a week. So make an impression again and again!

Dual Port USB Car Chargers are in high demand as long as cell phone chargers require manual docking. It’ll be while before this consumer behavior changes, but it’s coming. In the meantime, cash in on low cost impressions by enabling something as practical as a car charger to represent reliability when needed most - when the phone is about to die. We all know that feeling more than we’d like to admit, but it’s true. Reliability, usefulness, low price, and quality custom auto product all wrapped into one dual port USB car charger.

Our custom auto products are durable, practical and effective promo items. Every eye-catching piece is specially priced with professional imprints that vividly promote your brand long after it's handed out. The high utility value in this sector is priceless.

The more the branded item is used by the recipient, the lower the cost per impression. Get real ROI out of your branding event campaigns. Let’s make marketing make cents!

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