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Promotional 1.5 Wooden Nickel
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About this 1.5 Wooden Nickel:These Wooden Nickels from AnyPromo are wooden coins for use as tokens or souvenirs. Originally used as emergency currency during the Civil War and Great Depression, wooden nickels are used today all across America as promotional memorabilia as well as tokens for discounts and free drinks. Are you looking for something more interesting than a paper coupon? Wooden nickels work great as tokens for discounts because they add novelty to the experience. When your customers get a wooden nickel to exchange for something, they'll be eager to turn it in because it is reminiscent of turning in tickets for an arcade prize. Speaking of prizes, wooden nickels make great activity tokens for festivals and camping events. Add another level of fun to your next jamboree by giving out customized wooden nickels as rewards for events! More details about our Custom Wooden Nickels: Wooden nickels make great coupons. Use your logo or ad copy on side one of wooden nickel. Complete your winning promotions with one of our 21 stock designs on side two. Please note that sides 1 and 2 do not register. Stock Design Available, Please Call for Service. Stock Designs Available Great for Tokens Fun for Activities Save on Setup Stock Designs Available Want a professional design? Our Wooden Nickels have 21 stock designs available for print on one or both sides. Great for Tokens Wooden Nickels are great for handing out as free drink or prize tokens at your establishment. Fun for Activities If you're running a bar trivia or summer camp event, handing out Wooden Nickels is a great way to award and keep track of points. Save on Setup AnyPromo will cover your setup costs when you order these Wooden Nickels with a stock design on one or both sides. Related Search Terms: Nickel
1.5" Wooden Nickel
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