10 Halloween Costumes for Dogs to Brighten your Day

Halloween is one of the United States favorite holiday! According to the National Retail Federtation, Americans are expected to collectively spend over 10 billion dollars on the holiday. Among the most favored Halloween activites, dressing up pets ranks significantly with 20% of people participating in Halloween noting they would celebrate by dressing up their pets! This stats validates the dog costume market.The NRF actually notes that the 3 most popular costumes for pets are pumpkins, hotdogs, and bumblebees.

Here at AnyPromo, we’ve never seen a dog in clothes that we didn’t instantly love. We actually can’t get over the fact that we have all agreed to invest copiously in our furry friend’s Halloween costumes. But we get it. They look too cute in these costumes it almost feels like a crime to miss the opportunity for some lighthearted humor. Besides if we are lucky enough to snap a picture and send it to our friends and family before they rip it off and revolt the whole undertaking, it would have all been worth it.

Below are some of our favorite Halloween costumes for dogs this year! Enjoy.

Chuckie- ” Good Dogs “

let’s start with the classics. The Good Guy or Good Boy, in this case, is a costume that doesn’t disappoint. There is something so perfect about this costume. We’re not sure if it is The wild red wig or the moving arm appendages that move as your pup walks around in this costume. It’s sure to be a combination of these two critical elements. If your dog happens to have an extremely cute and derpy face as this little guy does, we wholeheartedly recommend this purchase.

Horse for Cowboy

Does your dog run like the wind? Excellent. This costume will suit your dog’s needs and fill your heart with laughter. The best part of this costume is that it is not too overbearing for the dog. If your pup tends to destroy more intricate costumes, this one might be a good option because it is hard to shake off. It is also comfortable to run and frolic in and you can bet your horse that your neighbors and friends will get a good kick out of this one.


For Halloween some say that it’s cathartic to dress up as the thing that most terrifies you. So imagine your dog dressing up as the mailman that he hates for no reason. The irony can only result in comedic greatness.

Martini Glass

This costume turn the cone of shame into one of stardom. This is extactly how one should turn a negative into a positive. We’ll drink to that!

The Child

Let’s face it. If you don’t have any human kids, your dog is your baby. This costume therefore is absolutely fitting, especially if you happen to be a Star Wars/ The Mandolorian fan.

Smooth Crimminal Dogs

Your dog’s biggest crime is being too cute to punish. We get it. Consider a cute mug shot a fair sentence for whatever the crime may have been.


There is no reason why this costume is so cute and yet it is. It looks like Boo’s costume in Monster’s Inc. so if you have any costumes for the other characters you might just have the best group costume.


Remember when they said ” you are what you eat”? What could be scarier for a dog to become the thing they want to eat most. Food for thought.

Beer Dogs

This costume is for the expert costume wearing dog. Do not attempt if you have a puppy otherwise they will not stop barking at their own behind. It could be funny to watch though. Creativity points for this costume are all the way up.


A costume that is both terrifying and goofy. We know that most dogs will be chewing up the legs on this costume almost immediately. We couldn’t have it any other way and we can’t wait to put our little love bugs into a costume like this.

Hope you enjoyed this catalogue of candid cainines! For more information on the historic market trends of halloween, see our previous blog here.

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