10 Ideas for the Perfect Earth Day Marketing Campaign

Are you planning a marketing campaign for Earth Day, but have no idea how to promote your business on this special day?

Whether you’re selling eco-friendly products or making a difference on this special day, this day offers a variety of ways for you to market your business.

Helping make the earth a better place doesn’t always have to be challenging.

I have a few ideas you can implement in your marketing, so you can also take part on this special day.

Here are 10 ideas for the perfect Earth Day Marketing Campaign

Giveaway reusable items

Custom Non Woven Budget Shopper Tote Bag – 20″ X 13″
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There are many items you can choose to give away that are reusable.

On AnyPromo.com, we have a whole section dedicated to eco-friendly items and great for marketing your business.

During the week of Earth Day, give away an item that your customers will appreciate and value.

For example, if you’re a small grocery store, replace those plastic bags with tote bags for a limited time.

Show your customers the alternatives of plastic bags.

Give an offer on eco-friendly items

Make your offer special that day by only offering a deal on items that are made with recycled or sustainable materials.

This will definitely get the attention of all your customers who enjoy purchasing items that are eco-friendly.

You may gain a lot of new customers that are shopping on Earth Day for all the latest deals.

Give an eco-friendly item with purchase

Flower Plant A Shape Bookmark
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Give a gift to your customers who purchase an eco-friendly item, or you can also give a gift to every customer on Earth Day.

The gift can be an eco-friendly item or maybe seeds.

Seeds are very symbolic in a way of giving back to our planet.

We offer many items that are biodegradable and include seeds inside the item for customers to plant.

Just like this Flower Plant A Shape Bookmark, you can use it as a bookmark, but also plant it and watch the seeds grow into wildflowers!

Discounts for customers who bring their own items

This is a perfect idea to implement on Earth Day to save on all plastic bags and paper cups.

If your business is a grocery store or similar and your customer comes in with their own tote bag/reusable shopping bag, then you can offer them a special discount.

This can work similarly with a coffee shop. Have your customers bring in their own coffee mugs so that it helps stop paper waste.

These are great ways for your business and customers to contribute to Earth Day!

Collect recyclables

Get the word out that you’re collecting recyclables from your location.

This will not only help people recycle but also bring people to your business.

There are many items which can be difficult for people to recycle on their own, so events like these will only help them contribute.

Plan this for Earth Day or for a whole week leading to the international day

Inform your customers the importance of Earth Day

Maybe your business won’t be able to do something for this special day, but you can still inform your customers why it’s important to take part.

You can either choose to host an event informing your guests why Earth Day is important or publish content explaining the significance of Earth Day.

Teaching others about what they can do for Earth Day can help motivate someone to actually take action.

We all need to take care of the world we live in because it’s our home.

Let’s make sure everyone knows that!

Go Green on Social Media!

So let’s say your employees are doing something different every day on the week leading up to Earth Day.

Share it on social media to let others know what your employees are doing.

Social media is huge for marketing to new and existing customers.

Give tips on what your customers can do to make a difference in their communities.

Big or small actions, they can go a long way!

Donations to an organization

This is always the route most companies will take, and that’s okay.

Donations and contributions are always good for your company’s image.

Customers can either choose to donate two different ways.

You can set it up for customers to donate a certain amount that will go to an organization, or if they spend a certain amount then the company will donate $XX to the organization.

Clean a local park

Nothing says Earth Day than actually going outside and doing something.

If there’s a local park in your community that needs some cleaning or remodeling, then get some of your volunteers (including yourself) to make the park a green location.

How does cleaning help Earth Day?

Some waste can actually carry toxins that can cause an environmental problem.

Don’t let trash destroy the resources your city needs.

Start a community garden

Another great idea for Earth Day is actually building a community garden.

If there’s no space, you can plant near your office building or an open space.

This can become a community event for many guests to attend.

If you show your company is planting, this may promote for many others to start planting and go green!

Don’t miss on all the different ways you can take part in marketing your business for Earth Day!

What’s your favorite idea?

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