15 Custom Quality Closing Gifts to Give to Real Estate Buyers

Closing the deal is the final step before the property you’re trying to sell is finally out of your hands! Whether it be finding the perfect property for a family ready to embark on a new chapter of their lives, or purchasing the right one for yourself, purchasing property can definitely take a toll on you. Buying real estate deals with a lot of research and the implementation of the right buying moves, so when it happens, it’s a cause for celebration. Nothing screams celebrate more than the act of giving gifts. Gifting is a great way to maintain a healthy relationship between you and your client because it creates stronger connections, evokes gratitude, and promotes good karma. Promotional items work great in this sense because you can include your client’s business logo on them or even a customized message. Here are 15 quality gift ideas using promotional products you can buy in bulk to give to your clients so that they’ll cherish the business relationship between the two of you.

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Cutting Board

The first closing gift is a custom cutting board. This gift pairs beautifully with a nice bottle of wine or champagne; and can also be used as a charcuterie board. Not only is this gift a kitchen essential, but it can also breathe warmth to a new home with a personalized message or a business logo. The cutting boards come in a variety of woods and bamboo, so selecting a material will determine if your logo is laser etched, engraved, or screen printed.

Charcuterie Board

The Second closing gift is a charcuterie board. Larger than the cutting board, this gift brings flavor and class to any housewarming party or other organized get-togethers. With different types of wood to choose from, your charcuterie board can mirror your kitchen décor and personality. A fun way to display your engraved logo would be to set your cured meats and cheeses around it so it could be the center of attention. And hey, if you’re not about the charcuterie life, you could also use it to display candles or perfume bottles.

Portable Grill

It’s that time of year again where the best memories are made outdoors. Having a portable grill to take on camping trips and other wildlife excursions can definitely save the day. With different steels to choose from, your logo or message will either be screen printed, laser engraved, or heat transferred. This may not be number one on your list of gifts you can buy, but if your client is a first time home buyer, there’s a chance they might not already have some of the essential cooking appliances. The portable grill can also easily be moved to the backyard for some burgers on the BBQ, and may also come with a polyester cooler.

Custom Grill Tool Kit

Home is where the BBQ is and what better item to accentuate your client’s grill than a custom grill tool kit. They range from 3 to 13 piece kits that can include utensils like spatulas, knives, brushes, BBQ forks, tongs, and more! The kit can come in either wood, bamboo, and also stainless steel; so this will decide how your logo or message will come out. A grill kit with your client’s logo on it, paired with some prime steaks or craft BBQ sauces, would be an excellent way to acknowledge their business.

Picnic Basket with Sweets and Snacks

They say the best way to get through to someone is through their stomach, so why not fill it with their favorite snacks and food items? Our picnic baskets come in a wide range of colors, are polyester/polycanvas, and are insulated to maintain the temperature of whatever desired food item you’d like to store it with. Whether it be unwrapping a delectable chocolate bar, grabbing a handful of buttery popcorn from the bag, or taking a bite out of a moist pastry, snacks are the cure-all to everyday stresses and troubles.

Picnic Basket with Home Essentials in it

Nothing screams spring more than a nice picnic basket with goodies in it. Instead of packing a picnic basket with homemade goods, why not pack it with some home essentials like toilet paper rolls, tissue boxes, wet wipes, air fresheners, soaps, and other toiletries? If you’re looking to include items that aren’t so practical for your client, then consider throwing in some of their favorite teas and coffee. Either way, your client will appreciate this curated picnic basket that was made just for them.

Bamboo Kitchen Tool Set

This gift would make a wonderful addition to your client’s collection of kitchen utensils; especially if they’re environmentally concerned. These laser engraved, 5-piece sets, include a slotted spoon, standard spoon, pasta spoon, solid turner, and rounded fork. This is a zero-waste, compostable gift that can be replaced guilt-free if the new residents decide to go with kitchen ware that best suit their kitchen décor. Odds are, they’ll keep this gift along with a good impression of your business, for years to come.


Although blankets exude cold weather energy best spent snuggled on the couch with your favorite show on, sipping a warm cup of cocoa, they can be great gifts for warmer weather conditions as well. In the season of outdoor sporting events, festivals, and backyard get-togethers, a blanket with a custom logo or message can provide warmth and security. They’re also a fine addition to an intimate picnic with a significant other. There are a variety of colors and fabrics to choose from, so this common household item can make a lovely personalized gift.

Assortment of Nuts and other Scoopable Snacks

Let’s face it, when we’re plopped on top of the couch, with eyes glued to the television, the desire for a quick and poppable snack becomes more evident than usual. An excellent choice to counter these cravings would be an assortment tray of nuts. These can include pistachios, honey roasted peanuts, salted cashews, chocolate covered almonds, and sometimes pretzels and candied beans. What’s great about snacks like this is that you’re consciously aware of the scoop size you’re reaching for due to the limited amount per each nut, so maintaining control and discipline is achievable.

Grow Kits

Now I know what you’re probably thinking, ‘what in the world is a grow kit’? A grow kit is an inexpensive planter that can be personalized and purchased in bulk. While traditional houseplants can provide benefits like minimal headaches and mood boosters, they can also be difficult to keep alive. Having a small grow kit with your client’s logo on it can be a simple way to have a thriving plant in a new home. The kits can contain lavender, mint, lemon balm, clover, chamomile seeds, and more. Another plus in having a grow kit is that the owner is able to see the seeds grow, parallel to how they themselves start to establish roots in their new home and community.

Jar Opener

This novelty item will come in handy in stressful cooking situations. If you’ve ever had to pass around a tightly sealed jar, you know that this could be a real pickle. Instead of banging the lid of the jar on all sides against a counter, risking the jar to crack, having a jar opener can save the day! You can select from a wide range of colored rubber, with a  custom screen printed logo or message. This unique, low-cost gift would be a great addition to anyone’s kitchen supplies.

Picture Frame

A picture is worth a thousand words, so why not properly preserve something that precious with a custom picture frame? This item, along with a personalized message or logo, can be an immensely thoughtful and adorable gift. Whether it be made from bamboo, aluminum, or glass, this product will make a nice focal piece on someone’s desk or coffee table. This will serve as a pleasant reminder that the giver of this gift wants your home and work life to be comforting and reassuring.

Candle with Matches

Gautama Buddha once said, “thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, happiness never decreases from being shared. “Nothing is more exciting and stressful than buying a new home, so why not relieve some of your client’s tension by gifting them a nice custom candle with a book of matches to go with it. You can choose from a variety of scents, and packaging can range from glass containers to copper tins. Candles are a great way to create ambiance, calm moods, and they can even add fragrance to a space. Custom candles and matchbooks can include logos, messages, and even a picture.

Oven Mitts and Cookies

Much like jar openers, oven mitts are one of those overlooked kitchen supplies that people don’t always think about buying for themselves. Still, they are great practical items especially for those who bake. These cotton-made items can be selected in different colors with a custom screen printed logo or message. A great companion piece to an oven mitt might be a whisk, mixing spoon, or even some cookie dough. Even if your client might not be much of a baker, a gift that encourages the creation of scrumptious treats won’t be unappreciated.

Baking Sheets

Another essential tool that would make a delightful addition to someone’s bakehouse would be a baking sheet. The baking sheet can be used for baking bread, pastries, cookies, and even pizzas. Baking sheets are made from carbon steel, so the logo or message would be laser etched, causing it to last as long as the item. What’s more rewarding  than seeing your business logo or personalized message right after grabbing a piece of whatever baked good you just whipped up? Let us know when you find that answer.

Leave a Lasting Impression with one of these Custom Quality Closing Gifts

Shopping for a new home can be an extremely stressful event in one’s life! Given that buying a home is arguably the largest purchase most  people make in their entire lives, it’s important for real estate agents to mark that moment. Closing gifts are one of the best ways to do this and to maintain healthy rapport between you and your client. If you are a real estate agent on a budget, know that you don’t need to invest in big-ticket items in order to leave clients with a great impression. Custom gifts like picture frames, baking sheets, and oven mitts convey thoughtfulness and seal an intimate business experience. For other possible closing gift idea, check out our Top 5 Real Estate Promotion Products blog. Our team would be more than happy to provide more information on this topic as well as assist you with placing your order through one of your special offers like 15% on orders when using promo code CLOSINGGIFTS15Z at checkout!

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