3 Awesome DIY Projects for your June Giveaways

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Don’t know what you are going to give away to your employees, colleagues, clients, and partners this month? Let us help you!

You may have heard of DIY (“Do it yourself”) projects, especially if you have a Pinterest account! These are handy projects that you can make, you guessed it, yourself. However, with these projects we don’t want you to have to do it all yourself, we want to help! I have found some DIY projects that, with the help of AnyPromo, can prepare you for the upcoming June holidays.

National Camping Month, June 1st to 31st

DIY Project: Citronella Candles (mosquito repellent)

citronella candlesI came across this awesome DIY project on, can you guess? Yes, Pinterest! I have to say it was the beautiful blue color of the liquid in the mason jars that caught my eye and intrigued me to see what it was all about. The second thing that intrigued me was that when I was reading Debbie’s blog on her website One Little Project at a Time, she started off stating to be cautious of large flames and lighting your house on fire! I mean, who wouldn’t want to read further at this point?

Here is what you need:

  • Citronella Oil/Tiki Torch Fuel– You can buy this at Amazon
  • Mason Jars– You can buy these at AnyPromo
  • Wicks– Also available at Amazon (recommends non-wax wicks so it absorbs the fuel)

mason jarSuper Simple! I can’t remember the last time my shopping list only had three items on it. This would be a great gift or giveaway for your camping fans. Once you receive your AnyPromo Mason Jars with your logo, quote, and/or artwork on them, use the Tiki Torch Fuel to fill it up. You don’t need to drill a hole in your mason jar lid, as it already comes with a hole for the straw! Then you feed the wick through the straw hole in the mason jar lid and continue to the jar where the tiki torch fuel is, and screw the lid on tight. Now, this is where you need to be careful. Debbie, the author of this blog, recommends pulling the wick out about ¼” above the lid so there isn’t such a large flame (read her full blog to understand the story and get some extra tips). Small detail, but very important! Then, once you are all done, you have your beautiful, blue mosquito repellent candles!

National Gardening Week, June 4th to 11th

DIY Project: Mug Gardens

I think you will find a common theme on where I am finding these DIY projects. This one, again, is from Pinterest! These little mug gardens are super cute, Gardening mugssimple, and perfect to giveaway to your gardening lovers! There are more of them then you think and a reason to why they have their own holiday this month. A Cultivated Nest gives you plenty of different options for this project from planting herbs to planting little flowers and even cacti! I personally think it’s a nice idea to giveaway the mugs with seeds to your recipients so they can do the gardening themselves and watch their little herbs and plants grow! Although giving them little mug gardens with already blooming flowers is also a great way to show appreciation. The choice is yours!

Here is what you need:

  • Mugs– You can buy these at AnyPromo
  • Soil– You can buy this at Miracle Gro
  • Flower/herb seeds– You can buy these at Johnny’s Selected Seeds

mugOnce your AnyPromo mugs come in with your artwork and/or inspirational quote on them, then fill the mug with soil and plant the seeds. Of course, if you want to already put a plant in the mug, then it is recommended that you take the plant already out of it’s case, use the case to measure the perfect size for your herb/plant in the soil, then take out the case and insert your plant.

This project does not take long and it shows a great, unique effort in your giveaways! Your artwork could be a cute clever quote about gardening with your logo. Like “Mohitos Training” for mint gardens or “I live in the garden I just sleep in the house.” These cute quotes and ideas you can also find on Pinterest!

Father’s Day, June 18th

lottery ticket bouquetDIY Project: Lotto Ticket Bouquet

Okay, for me, by far, the most difficult holiday to prepare for is Father’s Day. He has everything! And when I say everything, I really mean…everything! I bought my Father a travel wallet last year. You know, the one that goes around the stomach and conceals under clothes. Totally thought I had finally found something he didn’t have, but I was wrong! He had two of them already. Oh well, three is always better than two, right? Before I came across this project, I was planning on just going back to buying him ties, even though he is retired! So, if you are a company looking to give away nice Father’s Day gifts to employees, clients, and good partners, then I understand your struggle! This is a fun, casual type of gift and you bet I am making this this year for Father’s Day, as you should too!

Here is what you need:

  • Vases– You can buy these at AnyPromo
  • Lottery tickets- You can buy these at any grocery store, liquor store, etc
  • Wooden sticks and glue- You can buy these at any dollar store/Target/Walmart

vaseThis project doesn’t get more simple than this. Once you have received your AnyPromo vases, just attach the wooden sticks with glue to the back of the lottery ticket and put it in the vase! This particular project I found on Rock Parker Scissors website. She gives some nice ideas for giveaways for Fathers, however the project itself was created by Blupla, and they have more ideas there. So if you are uncomfortable giving away a big vase of lottery tickets to your clients, then Blupla will have some other suggestions for you!

The beauty of this project is that you can spend however much you would like! It’s just like buying a bouquet of flowers- will you buy one dozen or two dozen stemmed lottery tickets? I am sure the pricing will be similar, or probably cheaper with the lottery tickets depending on which ones you buy. This could be a great giveaway for Father’s Day but also for a large event or competition! It’s simple, fun, and keeps them busy afterwards scratching away to see their prizes.


Holidays can be stressful. I mean, don’t even get me started on Christmas! I know people who are already prepping and buying gifts. If you want to give away awesome gifts to your employees, clients, partners, etc, it’s best if you start preparing early, but if time is something that you don’t have, then let us know! We really work together here at AnyPromo and have made some miracles happen with tight deadlines and awesome orders. If you ever feel that you need help with planning, finding the right items, ordering, etc, call our customer service and let us know what we can do for you! FYI, when it comes to ordering your AnyPromo products and you are not sure of what you want imprinted on them (a quote, logo, artwork) feel free to work with our Art Department! They rock and can design your artwork for you. They are patient and easy to work with making sure that your artwork is exactly what you want.

If you are the creative type and like building gifts (like me!), then these DIY projects are perfect for you. Have fun creating gifts this June! These DIY projects are full of creativity, design, and hands-on manufacturing. Enjoy! 🙂

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