3 Main Reasons Why You Should Go Camping

Ah! The great outdoors, isn’t mother earth just beautiful? She gives us so many places filled with wonder! Although, most of the time we’re so busy in our daily lives that we don’t get to acknowledge the beauty in which we’re living in. Go outside and breathe the fresh air! Okay, so maybe the air isn’t so fresh where you are at, so get away from it to find “that place” that will make you feel relaxed!

Early on last year, I had a breakdown from so many things that were occurring in my life. It had to be one of the toughest months I had to face, so my family and I decided to get away from it all. We took a 2 week summer road trip to Utah’s national parks. It is now my most favorite trip yet, and I’ve traveled to Europe, South America, Caribbean Islands…but Utah definitely gave me the best experience. The difference was that Utah’s trip was a camping trip, so I was more in touch with nature by zoning myself out of reality and taking in nature’s reality. We went to Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Arches National Park, Monument Valley, Glen Canyon National Park, and Grand Canyon National Park. At first, I thought it was going to be boring, but in all honesty, it changed me. The spiritual feeling this trip gave me revived my mind. I realized how everything didn’t matter at the moment, and if I continued with that mindset, I’d be living a much more positive life. Now, I know what this world provides, and how we shouldn’t take life so seriously. Live happy!

So, enough about me. I just wanted to give you a brief explanation as to why camping is so important to me, but let me share with you the top reasons. Excuse me if I go a bit off topic, I may be sharing a bit more of my camping experiences.

Here are the 3 main reasons why you should go camping:

1. Off The Grid

Monument Valley
Monument Valley

Camping gives you the chance to just step out of your world for a moment. Put away the phone, and spend time outdoors. Wherever you are camping, breathe in the moment. To be away from your daily life will give you a different perspective of life. You’ll be more open-minded to your surroundings. As I visited Monument Valley, I learned about the Navajo Tribe that live there. Their lifestyle is completely different than how this Los Angeles woman (me) lives. I was completely unaware of their lack of resources, but they work hard to manage. When you travel you learn more about the environment you’re in, and you adjust. When you camp at locations that are unpopular with tourists, you can get more taste of the natural ambiance. Don’t be afraid to get lost, as long as you know how to get back. Use a compass and learn new outdoor skills.

Bryce National Park
Bryce Canyon National Park

2. In Touch With Nature

When I was 14, I went to Yosemite National Park for the first time, and it…was…beautiful! I had never seen such huge waterfalls in my life (at that moment). Soon enough I had seen the Niagara Falls to top my waterfall experience. Anyways…getting in touch with nature really allows you to learn what’s out there. At night you can stargaze (especially in Bryce Canyon, they are known for their starry nights) as you’re laying by the campfire. Just thinking about this makes me feel so relaxed. Get to know animals, plants, and trees you’ve never seen before. I remember when I was at Grand Canyon National Park hiking Bright Angel Trail, and everyone saw a California Condor. So many people took out their phones and binoculars to see the rare bird. You can learn so many reasons why certain animals are going extinct, or why certain plants and trees are dying. It’s beautiful to immerse yourself in nature’s classroom.

3. Inexpensive

Zion National Park
Zion National Park

I’m not cheap, I just know how to spend my money wisely, and camping could always win my money’s worth. I could get so much more experience in the outdoors than spending time in a hotel room. The sound of birds waking you up in the morning, or maybe a squirrel trying to eat the food at your campsite (yep, it’s happened to me). So let’s break down the cost for a summer camping trip. Let’s take you to a great place for first timer campers. Zion National Park. This place is a bit touristy now, but if you’re planning a summer trip go in June! August seems to always be the most popular month, so the hiking trails could get a bit crowded. So you pay your $30 national park entry fee. This is good for up to 7 days, just in case you want to leave to St. George for a little city wifi. Then if you can get reservations, a tent site (less than 7 people) is $20 a night, and a group site (7-15) is $80 a night. This is based off the South Campground, which happens to be a favorite because it’s right next to the park entrance. So, say 4 nights for an individual tent site in total is $110 with entry fee. I’M IN! You’ll have to add more for food, water, etc. but accommodations at this price will always win in my favor. You’ll be able to sleep calmly each night with your eye mask at this rate. The experience is definitely worth the cost, and it’ll give you a brand new experience.

So for the month of June…

We’re giving you 12% Off our promotional camping & outdoors items with the promo code CAMP12E. I hope this post gave you a little more excitement about camping. Yes, you’ll get mosquito bites, you’ll get dirt on your fingers, you’ll probably get scrapes from rocks on your arms, but to me, it’s worth gaining a new experience. Oh and did I mention, I disliked camping before actually experiencing it? Sign me up for the next trip, I’ll be there!

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