3 Proven Tips to Write Blogs Customers Crave

On an average day, B2B consumers have abandoned shopping carts, hundreds of emails coming and going, and they’re always logged into any number of devices. Is your content, whether blog, infographic, white paper, or social post built to endure the wave of devices?

Engagement content faces a new set of challenges in order to serve as effective marketing, that not only drives traffic and implores readers to take a specific action but is compelling enough to satisfy the appetite of today’s digital B2B consumer.

In a recent report published by TechInAsia, ad tech startup Appier labeled the current consumer market landscape as “post-mobile”, inferring that the new measure of content success is a story told across all platform conversion and KPI analytics.

Way back in 2012, Google published a study documenting this trend, finding that 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a single goal. Those insights are undoubtedly more prevalent now than ever.

If you’re looking for new ways to improve your content, we’ve taken the liberty of shortlisting a few proven power tips. Drive more traffic, leads, and revenue by making it hard for readers to put your content down!

Here are 3 proven tips to write blogs customers crave:

Appeal to Every Single Sense

Sensory writing creates sensory experiences, which are memorable… so use more of them in your writing!

The smell of perfume. A light touch on your arm. A soothing instrumental playing in the background.

Sensory words are processed in your brain as if it were actually being stimulated. As you would taste a sweet piece of chewy caramel, witness an awe-inspiring light show, or feel a velvet texture.

Sensory, or power words, resonate more with readers than ordinary words, simply because they make your reader see, feel, smell, hear, or taste something.

Abstract concepts included, can be conveyed in ways that engulf audiences in full-on sensory experiences. Whether a mind-blowing vivid presentation or a chocolaty-smooth purchasing process; you can write delicious blog posts that will make readers want to ‘lick the plate’ – so to speak. ;p

Don’t Overlook the B2B Power of LinkedIn

It’s true what they say about Linkedin being a social media network for professionals, which makes it the perfect platform to promote blog content, generate B2B web traffic, and engage readers who actually find value in your products or services.

According to a report by Social Media B2B, professional services is the largest industry with the largest following across the five social media sites measured (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest).

But don’t stop there! Linkedin, like other social media platforms, allows for many opportunities to use images to help deliver on your brand’s value proposition. Cover photos, profile pictures, employee sharing, Slides Shares, group discussions and company updates will do wonders for developing loyalty among readers, engaging your community and driving more new user web sessions and conversions, from otherwise nonperforming social media channels.

Simply dress up the thumbnail that populates after pasting your anchor blog link, then include a tidy description, or a super-common pain point that your blog specifically addresses. 


Symantec’s company page on LinkedIn is a great example of a brand that uses striking images as the pillar for their B2B content to engage followers. It just so happens they were named on LinkedIn’s article 5 Tech Companies Killing It with Content on LinkedIn by Jason Miller. What can you take from this example and apply to your own content strategy?

Make Your Words Stickier

People remember some nursery rhymes, songs, and advertising jingles their whole lives.

The one thing these phrases all have in common is that they all use repetition and rhyme. This poetic technique smoothes words, making them easier to remember, or better yet, harder to forget.

If you’d like your readers to remember your words, you should be borrowing from poets too. Here are a couple of examples you’re sure to recognize (even if you are a millennial ;p):

plop plop fizz fizz

Staccato-style rhythms have a certain ‘stay’ power when it comes to being memorable, and often times communicate the essence of the post, especially in a world where less is more.

do u yahoo?

Which words do you want your customers and readers to never forget?


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