3 Super-EZ Tips to Make Your Promotional T-Shirts Stand Out

Yeah, we know it… the Digital Age is upon us. Yet promotional t-shirts and other classic trade show gifts still bear the crown when it comes generating tons of low-cost impressions compared to digital swag gifts.

CROWNFor years, researchers have been diligently seeking answers relating to human behavior, marketing trends, consumer triggers, and why simple promotional products, such as t-shirts, pens, and pencils perform so well over digital.

Findings from a 2006 study found that 73% of those who used the promotional product that they had received stated that they used it at least once a week, and 45.2% used it at least once a day.

A PPAI study published in 2009 revealed that 94% of people that received a promotional product could still remember where they got it from 2 years later.

By the end of 2015 the promotional products industry revenues had swelled to $20,808,170,722, proving one thing, and one thing only  – t-shirts and pens deliver high utility value for those who receive such gifts at various events.

“In our rapidly changing digital world, potential customers are on information overload, literally being bombarded with data on a daily basis; hence, the need to be unique, compelling and memorable is at its height” as noted by Eric in an article published by Mediamark Spotlight.

Still not convinced you’ll succeed with promotional t-shirts? Can’t figure out what your angle will be? Then you’ll love our recommendations!

Here are 3 super-quick and easy tips to stand out with promotional t-shirts:

1. Giveaway Lifestyle

Starting with style, consider all the elements that make up a relaxed fit, short sleeve t-shirt, and just add brand!

Your unique lifestyle branded t shirt will not only pop at trade shows, but will be worn frequently, and remembered long after.

“[Lifestyle brands] have a premium, aspirational brand identity that suggests a certain quality of lifestyle.” according to a recent Forbes article explaining why lifestyle brands are performing so exceedingly well in today’s retail market.

2. Be Refreshingly Different

If you’ve ever attended a trade show before, then you know what to expect: tons of swag variations of, or relating to the industry itself.

For example, every year the AFP Annual Conference unites 6,500 treasury and finance professionals from around the world. Here, you’ll see all kinds of financial swag, whether it be from an emerging corporate payment software or a sophisticated financial BI, and giveaways include a lot of the usual suspects such as iPads, mobile chargers, and styluses. Just think, with a simple shift in the intent by giving away a low-cost branded athleisure t-shirt your brand could leverage more impressions than all of the tech swag by promoting health and fitness – a much larger lifestyle group.

Now they’re wearing your branded product during their morning jog, or red eye flights.

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3. Raise Awareness

Considering budget, objective, and expectation, the products you choose to execute a unique brand experience doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to be effective. It just has to easy for people to connect with!

Supporting a notable cause can hit home with a wide range of customers and conversely, be a great way to organically promote your brand through raising awareness. Endear big name sponsors and/or industry influencers, as a fellow supporter of a noble cause in common.

Appealing to the philanthropic side of people can resonate well amidst a stuffy convention center full of biz pros who are often times far from home. A t-shirt promoting breast cancer awareness, for example, could forge an immediate personal connection during an event that was never meant to expose such a personal side.  Be the lone and memorable standout among keynote speeches, break-out sessions, and product knowledge seminars.

Here’s a great source of low-cost high-impact trade show product ideas like promotional t-shirts and more!




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