4 Types Of Online Shoppers To Look Out For

It’s difficult to know who exactly is on the other end of the computer looking at your website. They could either be interested buyers, curious buyers, or non buyers, but that’s not their exact names in which we should label these online shoppers.

To tailor your website better for an online shopper, you must get to know the types of online shoppers that are on the other end.

Get To Know Them:

The Loyal Shopper

This shopper is the smart and easy customer. They know exactly what they want, so they will go directly on the path of the product. So your job is be to make the path easy for your customer to navigate on your website or search quickly to find the product. The avid shopper wants a quick and easy process, so make sure your online process isn’t a struggling pain. Plus, to win over your competitors, always make sure your price is affordable and that the product is actually in stock. The loyal shopper will not be so loyal if their specific product is “out of stock”.

The Discount Dealer


Yep. We all know someone who loves discounts. Oh you don’t? Well now you do, because I definitely fall under this category. If your company has any discounts going on, you should definitely display it on your homepage. The discount dealer will always be a click away from searching all your best deals if it’s displayed on the homepage. At Anypromo, we display our banner with savings at the top of our homepage. Once, you click on the banner it will take you to a list of discounts that are applicable. Not only that, our Shopping Guides tab lists extra sales that the customer could find. This is a discount dealer’s dream! Also, I can not express how long I stay in the sale section. Just the other day, my friend told me about a 65% online discount at my favorite online store. Kid you not, I made 5 separate transactions each including over 10+ items…in 2 days, and guess what? Each transaction was under $20. You know how happy this made me feel? I will not deny that I am this online shopper. On top of this, free shipping will also convince the discount dealer to commit to a product. As much as it’s necessary, nobody likes to pay for shipping. The cost of shipping is just an extra unnecessary payment, and this stops many customers from buying. Allow free shipping entirely, or have some terms applied for your customers to receive free shipping. It’s a win-win for a company and a customer if you include free shipping for a certain amount the customer spends. The discount dealer will not hesitate to spend a certain amount just to receive free shipping.

The Browser

So this online shopper is looking at your website for items they may be interested in. They’re unsure of what they want, but they’re in the mood of buying. Your online page should be clear for a customer to read and click through. Make sure you have clear categories on your tabs so online shoppers can easily navigate themselves around your website. Because of this shopper, you need to be more specific with each product. Giving more detail about the product or showing the features of the product will help the browser know more about your product. The browser is usually the customer that does research before buying. They want to get to take in as much information about the product before committing, so give them a reason why your product is better than all the others.

The Window Shopper

Lastly, the window shopper is more of the suspicious shopper. They’re just looking around with zero interests to buy at the moment. They also search to buy on a website that has high security when making an online payment. I’m not going to lie, I also fall under this category. I always make sure the website I’m paying on displays the green “https://”. This green text displays to an online viewer that the website has connection security. This doesn’t mean to trust every site with the green “https://”, but know if your website doesn’t have this, you will not have many online customers. Aside of security, the quality and character of the product also matters to the customer, so you must include images for the window shopper’s sake. Not just one image, but many images to show a 360 view, color options, and closeup view of the texture. An online shopper doesn’t have the option to feel or test the product (for certain online stores), so be precise with images or share a video of the product. Remember, the window shopper could just be looking now, but later, may commit to purchase as a loyal shopper.
Every customer is different, just like every online website. As a marketer, you must know who your target audience is! So, make sure you’re working along to make the following type of buyers engaged to your company’s website.

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