4 Ways to Make Sure Your New Employee Feels Welcomed

New employee walking into building

Isn’t starting a new career just like starting a new year of school?

You want to dress to impress, make sure you have everything you need the night before and want to get plenty of rest to be all ready for that first day!

For the “New Guy”, the first day is already awkward enough, so how can we make it better?

Here are some tips on how to make sure new employees feel welcome in the workplace.

Make sure the team is aware

What’s more awkward than walking into a room where nobody knows who you are or what you are doing there?

Keep the team aware of what is going on.

Give a little background information on the new colleague so they already have an idea of their experience and what they will be doing with their new role.

You can easily do this by sending an email to your employees about your new employee.

Make it fun! Give a fun questionnaire to your new employees to answer. Share that fun information with everyone else!

It gives the wrong image when an employer has not informed his team of what is going on and could give the employee the wrong idea (or right idea?).

Being prepared is the best way to welcome a new colleague.

Start the first day on the right foot

You only have one chance to make a first impression, especially when welcoming a new team member into the office.

Treat the new employee like a client!

Author of Profit First, Mike Michalowicz, explains how a perfect first day for an employee would include being welcomed by the boss and employees, being taken on a tour of the facility that includes meeting colleagues and learning what they do, and a meet and greet for lunch!

In the article, he stresses the importance of making sure the new employee’s desk is all set and ready for his first day!

This you can easily prepare for with a New Employee Welcome Kit that includes all the necessary supplies they need to start their first week on the job!

You don’t want to scare away your new employees on the first day, so make them feel welcomed!

Structured training is a must

New employees have a common complaint about lack of proper training.

In order for the new employee to feel comfortable in their new role, there needs to be some type of formal instruction on how to do their job well.

Come up with a structured plan about how they’ll learn, what their role is, and what your expectations are.

Explain the different tools you use to track assignments and projects, what the average deadlines are if any, and how you communicate via the team, whether it’s Skype, Email, or meetings.

Bringing in a new employee with lack of training will only set them up to fail.

A happy colleague is a productive colleague

Being prepared as an employer will help the employee be prepared as a colleague.

If you demonstrate at the beginning how well organized the company is, how welcoming the colleagues are, and show how much the employee is needed and appreciated, then you are doing everything you can to pave the path to success for the company as well as the new employee.

Make sure your employee is ready to take on his/her tasks with a Welcome Kit.

You can purchase these kits in bulk amounts, making hiring multiple colleagues at one time easy and convenient.

Are you not hiring multiple employees at one time?

You can also give away the kits to your top clients and partners, showing your appreciation of their commitment to your company!


Aim to be an awesome employer!

Be the employer they want to work for.

Be the employer they learn from.

Be the employer they work hard for.


Welcome them to your company, and they will be that employee.

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