5 Alternative Uses for Double Wall Insulated Tumblers

The Viking 20 oz Tumbler
The Viking 30 oz Tumbler
The Viking 30 oz Tumbler, available from AnyPromo.

Insulated tumblers are very popular.

Here at AnyPromo, some of our most popular products are stainless steel double wall tumblers.  In fact, many of our veterans have noticed that insulated tumblers have replaced travel mugs as the go-to for promotional drinkware.

What’s so special about these tumblers?

Well, for starters, they’re more effective.

High quality insulated tumblers are usually capable of keeping drinks hot or cold from 6-8 hours.  With copper-lining in between the interior walls, this can be extended even longer (sometimes longer than 12 hours).  This is a huge quality of life improvement, especially for folks who get so engrossed in their work that they forget about their coffee until it gets cold.

They’re also much more versatile.

Although lacking handles, modern insulated tumblers are much more versatile than old-school travel mugs.  Tumblers tend to be wider at the mouth, while still tapering down at the bottom to fit in a cup holder.  This allows you to not only take your tumbler anywhere but enjoy more things out of it.

What do you mean by more things?

We’re glad you asked.

Starbucks storefront.

1. Save 10 cents at Starbucks

Did you know that you can have your tumbler filled with coffee at Starbucks?

Not only does this major coffee chain allow you to bring your own receptacle, they encourage the practice with a 10 cent discount.  If you like our eco-friendly products, then you’ll definitely gain satisfaction from saving the planet.

As an added bonus, your coffee will stay piping hot longer than if you had simply gotten an inferior paper cup.  Our best tumblers will allow you to grab a coffee before work, forget about it until lunchtime and still burn your tongue.

2. Keep shakes/smoothies freezing cold.

High quality insulated tumblers are extremely effective for keeping smoothies ice-cold.  The best part is that a good tumbler can keep your smoothie cold enough that it doesn’t separate into layers or get frothy at the top.

Smoothies are a great way to provide your body with complete nutrition in a single sitting.  Not only are smoothies healthy, they are easy as well.  Using the revolutionary technology, of high-powered blenders, mankind no longer has to cook (or chew).  Simply throw in ice, frozen vegetables, frozen fruit, oatmeal, protein powder, and/or juice.

We’ve come a long way from that rudimentary paste Robocop used to eat.

Oatmeal at work.3. Keep oatmeal hot.

Are you not allowed to eat at your desk at work?  Are you looking for a hot breakfast you can drink on the road?

Simply throw oatmeal in a tumbler and drink it as a beverage!  Not only will you be able to satiate your hunger, you’ll be sporting a neat oatmeal mustache.  Oatmeal mustaches are a great way to build camaraderie in the workplace.

Like with smoothies, you can throw protein powder in your oatmeal for more complete nutrition.

(Soup should also get an honorable mention here.)

You can put candy bars in your tumbler.

4. Keep a candy bar from melting in your car.

Has drinking smoothies and oatmeal out of your tumbler made you tired of making healthy choices?  Do you need to keep a candy bar in your vehicle in case of emergencies?

With a stainless steel double wall vacuum sealed tumbler, you can have a pristine unmelted candy bar preserved in your hot car after a full workday!

Even if the outside of the tumbler is scalding hot, and your car is still the temperature of an oven, the copper-lined double-wall insulation of many of our tumblers can keep a candy bar unmelted for up to 6-8 hours.  Although the candy bar will probably melt in your hands if you proceed to try and eat it in your hot car, you’ll have the satisfaction of having beaten the elements with your tumbler.

Finger on ice in a double walled tumbler.

5. Save a finger.

Imagine you’re in shop class and Timmy accidentally slices his finger off.

If you’ve seen someone lose a finger in movies or television, you know that the best way to save it is to put it on ice.  However, although shop classes are full of handy things, there isn’t usually a finger-sized cooler.

Luckily, someone gave the shop teacher a promotional double-wall stainless steel tumbler with the school’s logo beautifully screen-printed on the front.  Now little Timmy has a fighting chance to be able to point at things again.

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