5 Annoying Problems About Online Shopping



We’ve all dealt with yucky situations as we’re shopping online! Whether it’s our favorite store, or just “window” shopping. We’ve come across a few bumps, and it’s ANNOYING!

Here are 5 Annoying Things, and How AnyPromo Avoids Them:

  1. Slow Pages

Must I explain thoroughly on this? Well I guess….because if anything, your site may be running slow, and you don’t know the frustration it may be causing a customer. Also, understand that if your website is running slow, the chances of the customer returning are unlikely. Not only this, but it also affects your rankings on Google if your website’s speed is slow. Knowingly, this will affect the number of customers that will visit your website and drop sales by the day. Do not let this happen to your website. Run a speedtest and make sure your website is 95% faster than most.

  1. Mobile-Friendly

The time of technology is upon us, and majority of everyone searches online. If the store I’m looking for doesn’t have a mobile-friendly site, I’m not longer shopping there. All my shopping is done on mobile! Even if you’re website is mobile-friendly, make sure it’s actually friendly, and not making your customer mad with so many “pinches” and “zooms”. According to Google, 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when conducting a search on their smartphone. This statistic indicates how important it is to have a website that is mobile-friendly, and has fast speed. You don’t want your company to be on page 13 of Google all because your website is not mobile-friendly, and has slow speed. Aim for page 1 and get that mobile-friendly website going!

  1. Product Experience

Not being able to get the actual full experience of a product is a bit troublesome. Especially, if I order a dress and it ends up fitting as a shirt. It’s always a struggle shopping online because of trust. Every online customer wonders if the product they order will be exactly what they want. I always like companies that allow the customer to receive a sample of the actual product. Here at AnyPromo, we value that many of our customers want to feel and see the product before they commit to an actual buy. We give them an option of selecting from a free sample or a spec sample. A free sample will show you the actual product, with an example logo, and a spec sample is the exact look of what the customer may be interested in. We want to show our customers that our products are of high-quality, and we will gladly work with them to make their experience better.

  1. Exclusive Payment Options Only

Why make it more difficult for your customer to login to a third party payment option, than allowing payment options directly on your website. What irks me when I’m already checking out is having to search for my user information for the third party account. Whether it’s Paypal or Visa Checkout, these extensions to a website make it more difficult. As a customer, I also don’t trust storing my payment information somewhere “secure”. With the increase in technology, you can’t trust everything online. Keep your credit card/bank information stored outside of your technological devices.

  1. When Promo Codes Do Not Work

Alright, so we’re ready to checkout now, but wait…you have a promo code! You’re excited to use it on your order, until…the red text shows up “PROMOTIONAL CODE DOES NOT EXIST” or of some sort. First of all, the customer’s hope for a discount have officially been torn, and now there’s a roaming promotional item that is not functioning. Within the company, employees should constantly be testing the promo codes within the website. Any errors should be directed immediately! Last thing you want for your company is a customer using a nonexistent/incorrect promo code.

Custom Gildan Heavy Cotton T Shirt Item# 691205
Custom Gildan Heavy Cotton T Shirt
Item# 691205

Make your Promo Code Work

So here’s an example we’re doing at AnyPromo from May 1st – May 3rd, by using the promo code: FRESHEN12E  You’ll be receiving 12% off on all Apparel. Don’t hesitate to try it on our most popular Apparel product, the Custom Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt.

Remember that your website is really important to your customer. If they’re visiting your website in the first place it’s because they’re interested in your product. Don’t make it annoying, by making their shopping experience difficult. A website is like a home, make it a comfortable stay!

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