I don’t believe it! 5 Events You Shouldn’t Have Can Coolers At?

Can Coolers

Wait, there are events you shouldn’t have can coolers at?

Not at all!

Can coolers actually belong at any and every event!

I can’t think of one event where a can cooler shouldn’t be at.

Guests and customers get thirsty, so the only way to keep a drink cold is with a can cooler.


Here are 5 events you SHOULD HAVE have can coolers


Use can coolers at weddings.

Can coolers make a great wedding favor for couples who want their special day to be remembered when their guests enjoy a nice cold beverage at home.

Trade Shows

Use can coolers at trade shows.

A nice, refreshing cold can of Coke can be a great draw to your trade show booth.  Putting that Coke in a can cooler can also make it a great branding opportunity.

Beach Parties

Use can coolers at the beach.

If you get thirsty for an ice cold beer at the beach, a promotional can cooler can turn a public drinking charge into a smart promotion (much superior to a promotional paper bag).

Company Picnics

Use can coolers at company picnics.

After learning about how great can coolers are from your trip to the beach, you can get your company to buy branded can coolers for your next company picnic.

Birthday Parties

Use can coolers for birthdays.

When you’re done with the can-cooler, you can re-gift it to your nephew whose birthday you almost forgot about.  Foldable can coolers make great mail and birthday card stuffers.

Get Yourself Some Can Coolers

Are you convinced you need promotional can coolers yet?

Check out the budget-friendly and foldable Kan Tastic Can Kooler from AnyPromo.

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The Kan Tastic Can Cooler from AnyPromo.
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