5 Key Tactics The Pros Use For Promotional Pencils

Pencils are professional.

1.  Use them as a business card

Business Card

Put a phone number, website URL, or address on your promotional pencils to make yourself easy to find.  This can end up being much more cost-effective. Unlike business cards, pens and pencils are inherently useful so people keep them (especially nice pens).

When you give someone a business card, it is likely to be discarded almost immediately.  When you give someone a promotional pen or pencil, it will at least end up in a drawer or glove box.  If someone has a need for your contact information or has trouble remembering your name, they’re more likely to find a pencil than a business card.

2. Make writing fun

Giant Promo Pencil
Giant Promo Pencil™, available from AnyPromo.

If you want people to use your pencils every day, get a pencil people will like.  Getting novelty pens and pencils can upgrade your promotional product to a prized possession.  You know you’ll get plenty of exposure if you’ve given someone their favorite pen or pencil.

One of our top novelty pencils is the Giant Promo Pencil.  This jumbo pencil has plenty of space to put your message and is very hard to misplace.  If you’re looking to make a big impression, give your clients a pencil so thick they can barely get their hand around it!

3.  Leave extras in your waiting room

Waiting Room

If you leave extra pens or pencils in your waiting room, they’ll eventually start to go missing.  Don’t worry though, this is a good thing.

Kleptomaniacs aside, someone who pilfers a pencil from a waiting room either needs it or likes it.  If they’re a valuable customer, you want them to have one of your pencils, especially if they’re going to use it.

4.  Give them to waiters and waitresses


Another place that pens and pencils disappear is restaurants.  Do you have any popular local restaurants around your business?

If you’ve taken a look at a waiter or waitress’ apron, you’ll notice that they carry around about a dozen writing utensils in their pocket for people to sign their checks and receipts.  These constantly need to be replaced.

Drop a box of your promotional pens or pencils off with the wait staff and managers of nearby restaurants to get your branded products circulating around the community.

5.  Use them as a coupon

Snack Counter

Looking for a way to directly boost business?  Another great way to increase foot-traffic with promotional pencils is to add an incentive.

Turning your custom pens and pencils into a generous coupon or a giveaway voucher will make people seek your business out if they don’t know where it is.  Even if they weren’t planning on it, they might find themselves walking in your door out of curiosity.

Read more about using promotional pens as coupons in this previous blog post.

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