5 Most Common Trade Show Mistakes

How do you plan for a trade show? Do you plan specifics? You’d be surprised that most marketers don’t. We all make mistakes as we try to plan the perfect exhibit experience. Sometimes, we don’t realize what actually isn’t helping us as we’re at a trade show, but I’m here to help you.

There’s a lot more to it in trade shows than planning. You have to look at the overall picture, so let me explain to you a few things you may or may not have taken into consideration. I’ve created a few of these mistakes, but I’ve learned from them. That’s what we do, we learn!

So here are a few common trade show mistakes…

No Marketing Before The Show

This is a huge mistake that many marketers should never forget to do! Always reach out to your customers to know if they will be attending the trade show. Your customers are YOUR customers. They’ll want to see your booth if you’re at the same trade show as them. You should also have a marketing plan before attending the show. A marketer’s big mistake is not reaching out to potential customers at the trade show. Gather all your marketing supplies needed and get going!

Not Networking

If you’re not networking with potential customers, suppliers, or partners then you are missing out on opportunities for your company! You should always be walking the trade show to see how your competitors are doing. You should always be watching your competitors closely to know what’s working and how you can implement their successes to your company. I can’t stress enough about the endless opportunities that could be at your next trade show. There are so many marketers waiting to connect with you, take advantage of it!

Staff Not Trained

You always want the best of your fleet on the line, so don’t make this mistake of choosing anyone! Even if it saves you money by selecting interns, or volunteers, the real employees who know your business more are the ones with the most experience. Also, choose employees that can talk a lot about your company. Be smart about who is representing your booth!

Unrelatable Giveaways

We’ve done these before, oh, I know it! Make your giveaways relevant to your company, it’s the smart way! This will allow your customers to relate the product to your company. For example, if you’re an accounting firm, it would be smart to give away a calculator, right? So go with the route that will benefit your customers and your company. Don’t just give anything away to attract customers. Be mindful with your promotional giveaways.

No Follow Ups

What’s the purpose of reaching out to potential customers at a trade show if you’re not going to follow up with them? This is a marketer’s big mistake that i see happen way too often. You can not let your potential customer forget who you are! Follow up with them, whether it’s during or after the trade show. There’s a time window when to follow up with customers, and it’s after they sign-up to one day after the trade show ended. Keep your company name at the top of your potential customer’s mind.

Learn From Your Mistakes.

I’m sure you’ve heard that mistakes help us grow. Yes, but if you’re receiving advice about what not to do, then you should also avoid those mistakes. So, take the following into consideration and make sure none of these become reality. Here at AnyPromo, we’re here to help you grow! Let us know if you have any questions on making your future event a success, we’ll be glad to help!

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  1. Thanks for these mistakes most trade show participants end up committing. The fact that there is very little time at hand to grab a potential client’s attention makes it all the more important to invest in high quality signage as well as have trained employees interact with visitors. You can even consider enlisting key leaders from your organization, since they are typically the most experienced when it comes to narrating the brand story.

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