5 of the Best Candy Alternatives for Halloween

Festive Halloween Pumpkin

It’s hard to resist treats during Halloween. It seems that as soon as we start pulling out the Halloween decorations, most of us also start buying the assorted bags of Halloween candy when we go to the grocery store. During the month of October, children are much more likely to be able to pick up a sweet treat when they visit a restaurant, office, or store. The irony is clear as candy is not always the healthiest of treats and definitely something that can negatively affect a child’s ability to stay still. Sugar should come in moderation and yet in the month of October, it is hard to keep sugar consumption in check. Business owners can help parents keep their kid’s sugar consumption down and help their own employees cut sugar by investing in Halloween promotional toys. Below we are outlining 5 toys that children will love and their parents will appreciate. What’s more?! Your promotional items can expand the reach of your business. Parents will certainly remember your good service and help in entertaining their little ones. 

Halloween Squeezies

Squeezies are a fun promotion for any occasion. They can be especially great as a Halloween treat. Squeezies are particularly good for hospitals or health offices like doctor and dentist offices. They can help children or adults relieve stress and tension while they anticipate a painful shot or other uncomfortable experience. Squeezies can come in an array of shapes colors, and all of them can be imprinted with your personal business logo or slogans. Below are some of our favorite Halloween Squeezies for this spooky season. 

Halloween Kooky Pens & Pencils 

Pen and pencils are useful everyday tools. Make them Halloween-themed and you have an excellent promotional treat to pass out to customers big and small during the spooky season. Our favorite seasonal pens are the Ergo Pens which feature scary faces on the top tip of the writing utensils. You can customize each pen or pencil with a business logo so that users never forget where their favorite Halloween pen came from. Below are some of our favorite pens for businesses! 

Bubble Fun 

Bubbles are an all-time favorite for young kids. What’s more, is that they can look like Halloween vials of potions and poisons. Business owners can customize the printing and add Halloween graphics. Bubbles are great because they can entertain children for a long time. Additionally, they can be refilled and enjoyed at home. Bubbles are great distraction tools and parents will be grateful for a treat that won’t make their children hyperactive. Below are two of our favorite bubbles for the Halloween season. You can print your own message and add your business logo.    

Spooky Stuffed Animals 

Stuffed animals are a great giveaway item especially if your business is going to take part in a community tabling event. This is a great time to set up a ring toss game or a prize wheel. Stuffed animals can be a great top prize as they tend to get the attention of small children very well. There is a great array of stuffed animals and characters available for Halloween including black cats, ghosts, spiders, bears, bats, pumpkins, and many monsters! You can check out our variety on our website but our top 5 favorites are highlighted below.

Chapsticks and Lip Balms 

Chapstick may not be spooky but they can prevent scary-looking chapped lips! Is there anything creepier than that?! This promotional item is ideal for cosmetic or health clinics. Our chapsticks and lip balms come in a wide variety of shapes. There are rounded lip balm containers that can be spookified by adding an eye iris graphic. You can also make rounded lip balms look like pieces of candy. For our tube chapsticks, you can add a Halloween-themed message and graphic. Give your clients something they can use on a daily basis! Below are two of our favorite lip balms and chapsticks.

We hope this article was helpful in showing how your business can participate in Halloween activities without buying into the sugar rush. Are you in need of Halloween signage? Check out our previous blog to get access to the “ghoul-est” fonts.

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