5 Promotional Gardening Items Everyone Will Love

Gardening helps soothe the mind in many ways. You could feel relaxed or reborn. There’s a LOT of benefits to gardening such as the ability to give back to nature; the creation of your very own ecosystem; the sight of your backyard gradually painted by flowers, leaves, fruits; and so much more.

When I was a child, my family and I had a small garden in our backyard. We put so much work in the process. The irrigation system was challenging to create, but in the end, it was worth creating our own fruits and vegetables. On this day, our whole backyard is now a garden. We’ve planted fruit trees, flowers and plants just about everywhere. We love that it looks like a mini forest, but it helps provide to nature and to us.

In college, I went on a community service trip to Ensenada, Mexico. We were visiting the City of Children Orphanage to help build a garden and construct a water tank. The orphanage was very scarce in resources, so to be able to make a difference made me the happiest gardener! This garden took a lot of manpower because we had to start from scratch, meaning we had to remove all the rocks from our garden area, create mounds, plant our seeds, and create an irrigation system. It was hard work, but it was nice to gain new relationships with those who were involved. The outcome helped to cut expenses on food and water. It feels amazing to make a difference. To this day, the orphanage still uses the garden.

With a bit of gardening experience in my resume, I want to share with you our most new promotional gardening items. I was super excited to read about these items, and to know how fun they could be for everyone!

AnyPromo’s 5 New Promotional Gardening Items

“Pop Up” Starter Kit
Item# 747251

“Pop Up” Starter Kit

When you want to have a nice activity with a group of people, the “Pop Up” Starter Kit will have people talking. With many seeds available, you can choose the perfect one for your customers. In a work environment, your employees could all have a nice plant at their desk. Who knows, maybe they’ll have a competition to see whose plant grows faster. Yep, it will create bonds between your employees, which will increase their productivity. The kit could also teach children the value of giving back to nature by gardening. Anyways, my Forget Me Not seed is growing, and I’m excited!!!



Flower Plant A Shape Bookmark
Item# 747255

Flower Plant A Shape Bookmark

This cute bookmark is perfect for any environmental message your company wants to share. Choose the perfect shape to represent your company, and create a punny message with it. You could always be creative with this bookmark. This could be great for any educational institution, or library. Your customers will love to receive this bookmark to plant at home!




Premium Seeded Paper Wristband
Item# 747252

Premium Seeded Paper Wristband

A wristband I could plant? Hello eco-friendly people. This is amazing! I’ve never seen a wristband that could be planted before I saw this on our new products list. I just had to share this to all my eco-friendly readers. Could we appreciate products like these that help make a difference in nature. Picture this! Imagine handing these out at your next event with your logo on the wristbands, and your customers find out that the wristbands are recycl-wait! AND they could plant them too? Double the fun as they take the wristband home (still with your logo) and plant the wristband in their yard. Yup, your logo is forever implanted in their own soil, what a commitment!


Shaped Seeded Paper Confetti
Item# 747253

Shaped Seeded Paper Confetti

Confetti is always fun to celebrate any occasion. Why not celebrate it with confetti that also contains seeds to plant, I know right? Instead of making it dull with normal confetti that is a hassle to pick up, get the Shaped Seeded Paper Confetti. Even if they were to be thrown around, people will love to pick these back up to plant themselves. Let your customers of the Shaped Seeded Paper Confetti know that they can plant these!




Seeded Paper Bottle Necker
Item# 747254

Seeded Paper Bottle Necker

Lastly, here’s to the future bottles you’ll want to decorate with this fun item. This is great for any party or event! Customize your own so your customers can take home. Understand this, you’re making a difference by giving back to nature! Plant your own paper bottle necker for any event! I guarantee your guests will have fun with this one!



Since It’s Gardening Week…

We’re giving you 12% on our plants & accessories until 11:59PM PST June 9th. Use promo code GARDEN12E when checking out to receive your discount. Have fun planting, not only this week, but at any time!

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