5 Questions to Ask on Your Next Customer Survey

For your company, it’s essential to measure your customer satisfaction, and I’m sure you’ve created a customer survey, BUT do you ever ask yourself if your survey includes the right questions? Not many companies think thoroughly behind asking specific questions, but knowing which questions to ask is critical to receive information to take your company further.

Customer satisfaction is the core of a company’s success. The feedback you receive will not only lead to important data for your marketing team, but also improvements for the rest of your organization. Details from these surveys will give you key insights into your current and potential customers budgets, events, and more!

So, you’ve created a few customer surveys, but don’t know if you’ve been asking the right questions.

Here’s our top 5 customer survey questions:

  • How did you hear about us?

This question is pivotal for your marketing team. You HAVE to know where your customer heard about your company. Was it from a banner ad, television ad, email, newsletter? Collecting this information will graph out exact points of your company’s success and failures. As much as companies tend to shy away from this question, remember it helps the marketing team establish what is working for the company.

  • Would you recommend us to a friend, please explain.

It could be a hit or miss with getting more than “likely” or “not likely” as a response. Although you may be lucky, some customers will give an in-depth description of why they will or will not recommend your company. As stated by Zendesk, 95% of customers took action from a bad experience, and of those customers, 85% warned others about doing business with the company. Friends and family have a trusted opinion when it comes to locations. How often do you catch yourself recommending a restaurant to your friends or family? Or vice versa. Do you go to places that are recommended by your friends or family? I know I do, especially if it involves dessert, but that’s because we confide in the people we know. That brings us to an important key factor, word-of-mouth. It’s great for us in marketing because it’s free, and who doesn’t love free marketing? Know that if a customer is recommending your company, this means that you’re doing something right. If a customer decides not to recommend the company to a friend, analyze the issue, and focus on fixing it!

  • Do we exceed expectations? If not, please explain.

I’ll stand to my opinion in which I believe nothing is perfect. Your company isn’t perfect, but I mean…it could be close to it. Don’t be alarmed by this though, because even the bigger companies have their weaknesses. For instance, Coca-Cola is one of the best marketing brands that comes to mind. They market their brand everywhere from online ads, TV ads, events, restaurants, to a man drinking a Coca-Cola with his name on it at the beach. I’m telling you…their logo is everywhere, well practically everywhere, since I’m looking around and only see AnyPromo items around me (ha!). Anyways, this success doesn’t stop Coca-Cola from wondering how their customers feel? Coca-Cola tracks their customer opinions through a market research company called GfK. According to GfK, 94.8% of customers believe Coca-Cola exceeds expectation. Do you believe the marketing team at Coca-Cola see the 94.8% and say, “Perfect, we meet expectations.” Of course not!!! Their company is trying to figure out why the 5.2% of customers think otherwise. Don’t be blinded by success, continue to know what is going wrong so your company could continue to improve. Looking from the perspective of the customer will always give you better answers than looking as the employee within.

  • What is the likelihood of buying from us again?

Would you shop again where an employee talked you through a purchase, and answered all your questions? This brings us back to the core of the 2nd paragraph, dun dun dun…customer satisfaction! If your customers have an easy process of buying from your company, then the likelihood of them returning is high. According to Rosetta Consulting, they found that engaged customers are 5 times more likely to buy only from the same brand in the future. So engage with your customers, get to know them personally and it will lead to company loyalty.

  • How satisfied are you with your new product?

The worth of your product represents your company. If a customer gives a bad review on your product, it’s obviously going to reflect your brand. Do you really want everyone to judge your company from a bad product? Allow your products to walk the talk. By answering this question, customers may share little adjustments that the product may need, or they could also share ideas that will improve the company and its products. Remember no one knows your customer better than the customer.

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10 should be the maximum number of questions on your survey. Unless you have a multiple questionnaire, short answers take time, and customers have things to do. They will appreciate it if you understand this concept. Trust me, in the customer’s shoes, I too wouldn’t want to be held up for so long. Even as a marketer, you have to understand there’s a time limit until your customer reaches the impatient level.


Reward those who take your surveys with incentives or free promotional items that have their brand or logo. Here’s a great example of what a customer will appreciate, because who doesn’t love a good tote bag

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