5 Thanksgiving Giveaways to Show Your Gratitude


Thanksgiving. It’s the best time to show how grateful you are for someone in your life and for the life you have.

The thing is, we should always be expressing our appreciation, am I right?

I’ve always had the most beautiful memories of my Thanksgiving dinners.

My family would travel to Arizona to join my aunts, uncles, and cousins. A lot of that has changed now, but I’m grateful for the memories I grew up with.

Now that I’m getting older, I like to host many of my own Thanksgiving events.

The past 5 years, I’ve held a “Friendsgiving” event for my closest friends.


I love to decorate my house for the holidays, whether it’s for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas!

But I’m also extra when it comes to spoiling those I love.

Last year for Friendsgiving, I ordered custom Kan-Tastic Coolers with their own bottle openers with an adorable custom message.

These were a huge hit with my family and friends! It was really nice to see them all using their own can cooler throughout the night.

I think there’s something special about having a custom giveaway at personal events like these, but also at corporate events.

If you’re planning on having a Thanksgiving lunch or dinner for your employees, make sure you add a custom item to give away.

I got a hold of all the Thanksgiving related orders and analyzed the most popular giveaways to share with you for some ideas.

Here are 5 best items to giveaway for your Thanksgiving Event:

12 oz Vinello Shatterproof Stemless Wine Glass (Screen Printed)

715243There’s no better way to make your Thanksgiving event a bit more fancy than with a stemless wine glass.

This item is on our Top 100 because many of our customers use this item for luncheons, dinners, and special events!

We’ve had these customized from weddings to picnics!

Everyone will need some sort of drink in their hand for your Thanksgiving feast, and this item is a perfect choice!

Get it customized with a special Thanksgiving message!

One Gallon Popcorn Tin

If you love food like me, this is the item you need.

These tins are really popular during the holidays. Whether it’s cookies or popcorn, you can never go wrong by giving away these tins during the holidays!

We have a few holiday tins for you to choose from to be filled with delicious popcorn or cookies.

Check out your artwork on this item today!

Tanglewood Fleece Roll-Up Blanket

With fall and winter bringing in the cold weather, blankets are the answer.

Warm up to your guests at your Thanksgiving event with a custom blanket.

Custom blankets have a long lifespan. They can last for winters! I can’t emphasize enough how well promotional blankets do for companies.

I still have a custom blanket from many years ago. Although, it has become more of my pupper’s blanket than mine.

15 oz Campfire Ceramic Mug

Drinkware itself is a great item to show your appreciation for someone.

I mean, c’mon! Drinkware is used on a daily basis!

I know here at AnyPromo, even our employees love drinkware! It’s definitely our hottest item to give away.

I suggested the Campfire Ceramic mug because this type of drinkware is currently hot & trendy.

Check out the popularity of this item when you customize it with your logo!

Metallic Kan-Tastic Can Coolie

Of course, I can’t leave out the can coolers! I’ll probably customize this item for my upcoming Friendsgiving.

I mean look at the colors!! The colors make it a perfect giveaway for anyone to take home, reuse, and show off!

The metallic color places this item at a higher scale. It’s been one of our hottest can coolers this year!

Show your gratitude towards your employees, customers, friends, or family with a personalized message on this can cooler!


From your friends at AnyPromo, we are very thankful for you! Without you, our company wouldn’t be where it is now. Even though the holiday is still at a distance, we wish you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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