6 Things to Know About Water Bottles

Water bottles are some of the most popular promotional products for businesses and companies. This is because reusable bottles are such practical items. Bottles are also great for customized graphics because they have a lot of surface area. You can really get creative with custom designs with water bottles. On our website, we have so many bottle styles and designs to choose from! There is something for any price budget and any occasion. If you have any questions or hesitations about purchasing water bottles for your business or company, below we have laid out 6 things to know about water bottles.

When were Water Bottle Invented?

The first water bottles were clay urns that date back to 4000 B.C.Before bottles were made of plastic, they were made of fragile glass bottles. In 1947 plastic bottles started being produced because they were lighter and much less expensive and fragile. Today as we start to consider the environmental impact of excessive plastic consumption it is recommended to invest in good quality reusable water bottles made of stainless steel.

How do I Wash my Water Bottle?

To wash your water bottle, just fill it with hot tap water and add some vinegar. Let the mixture sit for 15 minutes before draining off any excess liquid or scrubbing its outside surface. Doing this cleaning process will help keep bacteria at bay so you can avoid getting sick when drinking from this vessel again next time around.

How are Water Bottle Made?

There are two main ways that plastic water bottles get made. One method is injection molding. For this technique, heated metal dies cut out the polymer and push it into shape around the internal framework before finally cooling to harden again. The second method, blow molding, is the more mass production technique which involves filling an open-mouthed machine and then passing through all sorts of motions so they can be cooled.

How do I Customize a Water Bottle?

Custom water bottles are great gifts for schools, fitness centers, and company trade shows. To place an order, reach out to Anypromo, your promotional product distributor! We will add your personalized text, logo, or graphic art to your chosen bottles!

Can I Recycle my Promotional Water Bottles?

Most reusable water bottles can be recycled. This depends on the material of your bottles and your local recycling facilities’ capabilities. Some reusable plastic bottles can be recycled easily. Stainless steel or aluminum bottles are also usually easily recyclable but need to be taken to the proper centers to be shredded for reuse.

What Are the Different Types of Bottles?

The different types of water bottles can be broken down into four categories: plastic, aluminum or stainless steel, and glass. Each has its own unique benefits depending on what you plan to use it for! If you need your water to stay cool, a stainless steel or aluminum bottle is your best choice. What if you are on the go and need something lightweight? There are hundreds of reusable plastic bottles for you. Glass bottles are great for the office and to create beautiful fruit infusions.

What are the Best Bottles?

The best water bottle features your custom designs, fits your budget, and understands your needs. AnyPromo has plenty of quality bottles to choose from including brand names like Coleman, Contigo, and H2GO. Let us fill your cup ( and bottle) with our great service and prices.

Water bottles have a long history of being a practical promotional item to help market your business or engage your employees! You can find the perfect bottle at a price point that accommodates your budget on our website. Grow your brand and increase engagement with custom promotional water bottles. Looking for more ideas? Check out our blog on Koozies!

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