7 Different Easter Egg Hunts To Try

Are you sticking to the regular Easter egg tradition?

You know the candy in the plastic egg? Yeah, that one!

Sometimes, we stick to the most basic Easter egg tradition because it’s what we know.

At least that’s what I’m guessing.

I remember as a child, it was like Halloween all over again!

Anyways, we all know Easter doesn’t truly mean bunnies, ducks, candies, and eggs.

But I won’t get into that, because:


You came to read alternative ways for Easter egg hunts.

So let’s dive into the 7 fun Easter eggs hunts you should definitely try.

Money Eggs


Okay, so this one is pretty common, but for those of you who haven’t tried this, it’s pretty fun.

The competition can get pretty wild.

I mean, it’s money.

Whether it’s for children or adults, they will definitely have more of a rush to find the most Easter eggs.

Of course, the only effort you have to put into this is exchanging your money into coins (or dollars).

There’s one thing I didn’t really like about this one though.

I was always the slow one or the one who couldn’t find as many eggs.

I was never a competitive person, and I was always okay with that.

Although, you’ll have those people who might end up being mad or sad from the outcome of this egg hunt.

Please advise.

Confetti Eggs


This one is fun but does take more work in preparation.

AND does require a team to clean up.

But if you have children who love to paint…and clean, then this could be a great idea for you!

Days before the big Easter egg hunt, you’ll want hollow eggs (real not plastic) and fill them with confetti.

You can either purchase hollow eggs online or hollow eggs out yourself.

I remember my family would have all the kids hollow out real eggs.

We would save the yolk for the week’s meals.

Anyways once the eggs were filled with confetti, we would apply glue on the crack and cover the hole with tissue paper.

The purpose of this hunt is to crack the eggs on each other (in a safe manner).

The more you found, the more you were able to crack an egg on someone else.

I always loved this egg hunt because we were all filled with confetti towards the end of the egg hunt.

You could always substitute confetti with color powder.

*Warning* Color powder will be even messier!

QR Codes


Now these days, we have to find something that interests these Gen Zers.

They grew up with phones and basically know everything that technology has to offer.

If a new update comes out on my phone, sometimes I get pretty lazy to learn more about it.

That’s probably just the millennial mindset…or just me.

Anyways, you’re probably wondering what you can do with a QR code?

Apparently a lot!

Participants with Android phones will need an app that reads QR codes, whereas iPhone users just need to open up the camera app.

iPhone has made our lives a bit easier where we no longer have to download an app to scan a QR code! Woooo!

You can find a QR Easter Egg Hunt online where the codes are already connected to certain clues.

These clues lead them to another QR Code in a different location.

I suggest splitting participants into teams, so there’s no cheating if the game is done individually.

Participants will be reading clues to the next QR Code.

They will have a checklist to make sure they find ALL QR codes.

The first team to scan all the QR codes wins the grand prize (whatever it may be).

Sounds fun!

I’ve never tried it but it sounds like a proactive way to get those Gen Zers to get involved.



This one is for those that don’t mind acting and embarrassing themselves in front of others.

It’s a perfect game for all ages.

Of course, you would want to separate by age groups depending on the charades you place inside the plastic eggs.

So if we’re doing this for adults, split them up into groups (depending how many people are participating and how many eggs are hidden).

So if there are 30 eggs and 10 people then you should have groups of 3.

One person from each team will have to go find an egg and then come back in front of their team to guess their charade.

Once the team guesses correctly, the next person in the team searches for the next egg and repeats the charade process.

The first group to collect 10 eggs, wins.

I’m sure this game could also get pretty competitive.

Checklist Hunt


I remember doing this one in high school and I thought it was pretty awesome!

This one also requires a checklist and a big space.

So if you’re planning on celebrating Easter at a park, this hunt will be good.

Back in high school, I used a disposable camera, but now everyone can use their camera phones.

You can either separate participants in a group or individually, depending on how many checklists you printed.

This checklist must contain things that could be found at the location of your Easter celebration.

The participants will be required to take pictures of the things listed on the checklist.

So if you’re event is at a park, then the checklist will have the following:

  • 3 different flowers
  • An insect
  • A tree trunk
  • A swing
  • etc.

The first group or individual to take pictures of all the items on the list wins.

When I played this in high school, we had to run around the whole campus. Of course, this was after-school.

I’ll always remember how fun this game was!

Glow in the dark eggs


Okay so maybe you want to stick to the traditional candy in the eggs, right?

That’s fine!

You can still make it fun.

Just make your Easter egg hunt in the night and incorporate glow in the dark eggs.

This will make the hunt more fun and exciting!

You’ll have to be extra good at hiding these eggs, so they’re not that easy to find as they’re glowing.

Scrabble Easter Egg Hunt


So this one is also a fun one for all ages!

You don’t need teams in this Easter egg hunt.

In each egg, you can have different letters.

The first person to create a word (5+ letters) wins the game.

You can always change the rules if you want to make it harder.

Example. “Create a word that spells a fruit”

You would need a lot of eggs, and in easy locations.

This is a fun game that will definitely test your patience.

Especially, if you’re only missing one letter!


Those are just a few of the many egg hunts you can try this Easter! Let us know in the comments below if you decide to try one of these fun Easter egg hunts!

Happy Hunting!



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