8 Customizable Party Supplies That Will Boost Brand Awareness

New Year's Eve 2022

Planning your New Year’s Eve party ahead of time can be crucial to ensuring a successful and memorable celebration. By taking the time to plan out all of the necessary elements – from food and drinks to decorations and entertainment – you can save yourself time, money, and stress in the long run.

Don’t worry, this will be easier than you think. We’ve already taken the time and made a list of party supplies, favors, and decorations you’re going to need in order to have the party that everybody talks about. What’s even better, is that all these products can be printed with your business logo. Having custom-branded party supplies at your event can help boost your brand’s awareness and can potentially attract new customers.

Color Changing Mood Stadium Cups

12 oz plastic color changing stadium cups

People love a good show, so why not check out these custom color-changing cups? Standing at 12 oz, these cups beautifully change color once they are exposed to cold temperatures. These are great at parties because not only do they entertain your guests, but they make it easy for people to mark their drinks. You can even personalize these color-changing plastic cups by choosing to receive a screen-printed imprint of your brand’s logo on one side of the cup. You can either choose a 3.5″ W X 2″ H size logo on the side or a  7.5″ W X 2″ H logo on a wrap. There are many color variations to choose from, so pour in your favorite New Year’s Eve cocktail, and watch the magic happen.

Inflatable Glowing Beach Ball

24 inch Inflatable glowing beach ball with glow sticks

Even better than passing a beach ball around at a baseball stadium, tossing a glow-in-the-dark beach ball on the dance floor can really be fun and memorable. What’s unique about this beach ball is that it features an inner tubing system that allows you to stick glow sticks in the center which will illuminate the ball. The ball is 24 inches wide and comes with two 6-inch glow sticks of any color of your choosing (blue, red, yellow, purple, pink, orange, aqua, and white). Another great feature of this product is that it can be adorned with a 3.5-inch pad-printed imprint of your brand’s logo or message on one of its sides  Once the ball is lit up and tossed around by your guests, they’ll attribute your brand to all the fun they’re having trying to keep the ball in the air.

Lited Ice Cubes

Plastic cubes that glow red, white, and blue

Unless you’ve got a heated pool, we’re sure you and your guests won’t be taking any countdown swims but that’s still not an excuse to not make your pool look presentable. Although these lited ice cubes are meant to be placed in drinks, they make luminous pool lights that will be sure to brighten up the party. These LED cubes light up in red, white, and blue, so they’re perfect for any patriotic-themed event. Another nifty option is to receive a 1″ W X 1″ H color imprint of your brand’s logo on one of the sides of the cube. Let these promotional lited ice cubes make a splash at your New Year’s Eve party and order yours today!

Gildan Heavy Blend Crewneck Sweatshirts

Gildan Heavy Blend Classic Fit Adult Crewneck Sweatshirt

We’re in a winter wonderland! And you know what that means? It means to make sure you’re bundled up when going outside this time around. And what better way to do so than this winter weather staple, the Gildan heavy blend crewneck sweater? Stitched from quality cotton and polyester, this adult sweatshirt comes in black, navy blue, and sports gray. Sometimes it takes a bit of extra effort to throw an impressionable party, and that’s why some people hand out party favors. Wouldn’t it be cool to hand out quality, comfy crewnecks in with your brand’s logo on them? Yes, this promo item can be adorned with a screen-printed imprint of your brand’s logo along with any message you’d like it to display. Maybe you could have your logo printed on the left chest region while ‘NYE 12/31/22’ is printed on the back. Feel free to get creative with these custom Gildan sweatshirts!

Silicone Coasters

Promotional silicone coasters

Hosting a party can be stressful. You have to prepare food, drinks, and supplies, and even monitor guests. One of the biggest stress-inducers party hosters struggle with are furniture ring stains. Drink rings are formed when a coaster is not placed underneath your chilled drink vessel, causing moisture to evaporate and latch onto whatever surface it’s on.  You can eliminate this pesky problem by purchasing some silicone coasters. Silicone coasters are the best option for any party, whether you’re trying to keep your drinks cool or warm them up. Unlike other materials like wood and metal which can scratch easily, these babies will last longer than even their most durable competitors! Your brand’s logo would pop on one of these vibrantly colored coasters for they come in red, white, blue, gray, black, and lime green. Silicone coasters with your brand’s logo along with the date of your event can be a clever and impressionable party favor. It can easily be distributed. So ditch those troublesome ring stains and order your promo coasters today!

Vinyl Plastic Wristbands w/ Snap Closure

Vinyl Plastic Wristbands with Snap Closure

Another inconvenience party throwers face is the arrival of random guests who weren’t originally invited to your event. Instead of operating by word of mouth, set up a wristband system. All you need to do is provide a colored wristband to everyone who committed to attending so it will be easy to point out the ones who didn’t. These plastic wristbands are able to be adorned with a screen-printed imprint of your brand’s logo along with any message you’d like to include. Once

they’re on, these wristbands are on securely and the only way to remove them is by cutting them with scissors. A common trend among festival-goers is that they tend to keep their admittance wristbands for sentimental purposes, so why not establish the same idea and order some custom plastic wristbands for your New Year’s Eve party?

Triumph Monthly Planner Calendars

Triumph Monthly Planner Calendars

As the new year approaches, many people begin to think about setting resolutions and goals for themselves. A great way to make sure those objectives are accomplished is by using a planner or calendar. This Classic Monthly Planner from Triumph Calendars is just what they need to keep track of the everyday chores and meetings they have planned. Handing out personalized calendars with your brand’s logo foil stamped on them is an excellent party favor because your guests will attribute your brand when they start organizing their tasks, appointments, and goals. In case you’re worried about handing the exact same gift to everybody, fear not because these promotional calendars come in six different eye-catching colors.

Foil Star Balloons

Star shaped foil balloons

Many times, bright and shiny balloons are the cherry on top of throwing a successful party that’ll have your guests reminiscing for months. Balloons represent excitement, comfort, and cheer, so why not decorate your event with them? To get more eyes on your business, you can order these custom balloons with your logo so people know who sponsored your event. They come in 14 different colors so you’ll be sure to find one that suits your brand’s personality. You can tie the balloons to furniture, let them hang from the ceiling, or decorate your entrance or even outside area. Add that last bit of pizzazz with these star-shaped foil balloons.

Custom party supplies with your logo on them can boost brand awareness

Getting your New Year’s Eve party supplies ahead of time not only ensures that you have everything you need for a successful and enjoyable celebration but also allows you to customize those supplies with your brand’s logo. This not only adds a personal touch to the event but also serves as a fun and unique form of advertising for your brand. In order to boost brand awareness and attract new customers, make sure to choose products that you think would make a lasting impression. Consider choosing items that are colorful, can glow, or light up because these items tend to resonate with whoever comes across them. Additionally, purchasing personalized party supplies from a reputable source like AnyPromo helps ensure high-quality products that will impress your guests and leave a lasting impression. Overall, investing in customized party supplies is a smart and stylish way to ring in the new year.