AnyPromo Introduces: PromoPals!


It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over! Drumroll, please…


It’s our pleasure to finally roll out our amazing referral program. Start getting rewarded for being part of the AnyPromo family.

Here’s how it works: Invite your colleagues and friends to be a part of the AnyPromo family! Each person who joins will get $15 towards their first full order. Once their order is closed, you’ll get $15 promo bucks too! The more friends you refer, the more you receive!

There are no limits with promo bucks! This is THE WAY for you to collect as much as you want! You can even collect enough for a full free order! The other great thing about promo bucks is that they can be used on anything, and we mean ANYTHING.

Which means…work those promo bucks! See an enticing flash deal and want to save even more? Apply those promo bucks! We’re offering a great limited time deal? Apply those promo bucks! Want to show your boss you saved your company some money? APPLY THOSE PROMO BUCKS

The more people you invite, the more promo bucks you can hoard. But remember to share the love! Have your friends invite their friends, so that they can reap the rewards as well. Sharing is caring!


Was it worth the wait? We think so. We are always improving and learning here at AnyPromo, and we think this is a step in the right direction. We are eternally grateful for our loyal customers, and we hope we can give back in this small way.

Ready to invite your friends? Check out your account for your personal referral link!

For more in-depth information and questions, please visit our official Promo Pals page. Happy Shopping!

What are you going to use those Promo Bucks on? Let us know in the comments below!





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