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We understand everyone has their own ways to stay connected with their favorite company.

I follow one of my restaurants by text!

They send me text messages whenever there’s a deal, and for sure, I’m there!

I never get annoyed because it’s my favorite restaurant, and they know not to spam me when it comes to text messages.

But I also get why we may favor one channel over the other.

I read why the unsubscribes happen since I’m the Email Marketing Lead here at AnyPromo.

I u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d.

I know inboxes get full with other marketing emails from other companies.

I do recommend changing frequency, but in all cases, I found a better solution for those unsubscribers who still want to connect…but without the full-on commitment.


Answer: Google Calendars with our future promotions!

I wish companies I subscribed to also did this.

I’d subscribe to their emails and follow their Google Calendar.

This marketing strategy can definitely change the ways your customers engage with you.

We’re putting YOUR needs and interests first!

Yearound, we have many specifics campaigns for categories, but will not be included in the calendar.

Our Google Calendar ONLY consists of the big holidays that are huge for AnyPromo.

As a B2B company, we want to remind you of all the upcoming holidays ahead of time with our presale dates. This will help you order in time to receive your items before the big holiday.

We hope this calendar helps you when you’re planning all your marketing campaigns!

Click the  at the bottom right-hand corner of the calendar to add it to your Google Calendar.

Downloadable Calendar



Quick Glance:

April 2018

02: First Day of Second Quarter >> Click here to read our Q2 Magazine

27: Memorial Day Presale >> Shop USA Made Products

29: Start of Small Business Week


May 2018

13: Mother’s Day

28: Memorial Day


June 2018

06: 4th of July Presale >> Shop 4th of July Products

17: Father’s Day


July 2018

02: First Day of Third Quarter

04: 4th of July

10: #PromoDay*

24: Back to School


August 2018

06: Labor Day Presale >> Shop Labor Day Products

16: Tell a Joke Day


September 2018

03: Labor Day

13: Positive Thinking Day

17: Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign


October 2018

01: First Day of Fourth Quarter

17: Thanksgiving Presale

31: Happy Halloween!


November 2018

14: Black Friday Presale

22: Happy Thanksgiving!

23: Black Friday

26: Cyber Monday



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