Be Your Own Bartender: Crafting the Cosmopolitan

With gas prices reaching an all time high, going out to enjoy a nice meal accompanied by a refreshing cocktail or two, might not be the smartest financial move you can make. A great way to scratch this itch, would be to order some of your favorite foods for delivery and craft your own cocktails at home. Making your own drinks doesn’t require you to match the level of expertise of a mixologist at the notorious Death & Co. All you will need to get started is entry level barware, a dynamite libation recipe, and you’re good to go! Below is a beloved recipe that you can craft at your next house party or get-together.

The Cosmopolitan

This sweet and tangy cocktail (a.k.a The Cosmo) was created by a Miami based bartender, Cheryl Cook, at a South Beach bar called ‘The Strand’ in 1985, according to Riffing off the oh-so popular Kamikaze, Cook decided she wanted to devise a drink that swapped out regular vodka for citrus vodka, and included a splash of cranberry juice. From then on, the Cosmopolitan became one of America’s most beloved cocktails, reaching its prime in the late 1990s, when Sex and the City started showing protagonist Carrie Bradshaw frequently enjoying Cosmos at new Manhattan bars and restaurants. Today, the Cosmo concoction has blossomed into other delectable drinks, experimenting with different flavored vodkas and liqueurs.


  • 1 ½ ounces citron vodka
  • ¾ ounce Cointreau
  • ¾ ounce freshly squeezed lime juice
  • A splash of cranberry juice cocktail
  • Garnish: lime wheel


How to craft the Cosmopolitan: The Steps

  1. Have your tools and the recipe ready.  
  2. Make sure to have the right kind of ice available in your bucket. You can easily find large bags of ice at supermarkets and liquor stores; just make sure to buy the thick, solid, cubed ones over the hollow-tubed or crushed ice cubes. Cubed ice is better because it is more solid and won’t immediately dilute your cocktail like crushed ice or tube ice.
  3. Prepare your garnish: Cut the ends off of a lime; cut a slice about an eighth of an inch; then cut a small slit at an edge of the wheel so it can fit nicely onto your glass.
  4. Fill your martini glass with ice and water, so it’s nice and chilled before adding your ingredients into the shaker.
  5. With one hand, pour 1 ½ ounces of citron vodka into the larger end of the jigger and then drop it  into the shaker. With the smaller end of the jigger, measure out your Cointreau and lime juice so you can also drop them inside the shaker. Since there’s no numerical measurement for the cranberry juice cocktail, the size of the splash can be at your discretion, but should be no more than ¾ oz
  6. Next, add a full sized scoop of  cubed ice into the shaker
  7. Mix the ingredients together by placing the smaller part of the cocktail shaker, with the built-in strainer, on top of the larger piece. Secure the two pieces together and shake vigorously for about 10 seconds until you notice the cocktail shaker getting chilled.
  8. Remove the small lid from the top piece of the shaker. If you pre-chilled your glass with water and ice, empty it now and pour your cocktail into the chilled Martini glass.
  9. Add the lime wheel onto the rim of your martini glass to complete the cocktail
  10. Enjoy!

The Life of The Party

Learning how to craft a cocktail for your friends and family can be really fun and rewarding. The Cosmopolitan is a classic concoction that is sure to be well received at your next event or gathering. If you are getting ready to host a cocktail party, AnyPromo has everything from personalized shot glasses to custom cocktail shakers. Visit our website to shop custom bulk items for your next cocktail party or event! 


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