Best Office Plants & Why You Need Them

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Plants during the Pandemic

Plants are kind of a big deal these days. Houseplants had a peak moment during the pandemic when everyone wanted to turn their living space into a calming urban jungle. Perhaps your plants are still thriving to this day! also possible is that your once-thriving plants are now shriveled up somewhere in a corner of a room. Here’s why you should give plants another go and bring them to work with you.

Why Plants Work

Plants were advocated as a tool to ease the stress from life and work. The roots of this trend stem back to the 1980s when biologist Edward Wilson published his theory that humans have an innate biological affinity for the natural world. This he coined biophilia. Working with this idea, the field of psychology has developed two helpful theories: Attention Restoration Theory(A.R.T), and Stress Reduction Theory(S.R.T). A.R.T believes that environments can promote renewed attention by providing individuals with the sense of being surrounded by elements that promote a sense of survival.

Essentially, A.R.T acknowledges that the brain wastes lots of energy on tasks that require great attention. We can restore our focus when we give ourselves a direct attention break and shift into effortless forms of engagement. S.R.T notes that there are restorative environments that can reduce stress levels. In other words, worry and anxiety can be eased in certain natural environments. Natural and green designs take both these theories into account to create supportive living and working environments.

Research Done on Plants

For stressed out and distracted office workers returning to the office, this research is especially interesting and relevant. Plants in the office environment can play a big role in helping ease the transition back to work. Researcher Ruth K. Raanaas of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences agrees with Wilson’s theory. She claims that her research on indoor plants shows that they are a simple and cost-effective way to keep workers satisfied and focused.

Her research found that participants at a desk with flowers and plants showed higher focus and task attention than those sitting at an empty desk. Those with a plant and window experienced an increased cognitive boost. Most people spend a large portion of their life in an office space. For Raanaas this means that small plants “ may have practical significance when aggregated over employee and time of employment.” Other research tells us that when it comes to the number of plants in the office, less might be more. A high density of plants in the office saw a general decrease in office productivity. Even though more research still needs to be done, the current literature points to small lightly scented plants as the best for wellbeing. 

Other Companies That Have Invested in Biophilic Design

The CRM Platform company, Salesforce knows the benefits of investing in biophilic design. Earlier this year they announced their investment in The Trailblazer Ranch working space. After two years of remote working due to the pandemic, the Salesforce team recognized that this space was important for their team to come together and connect. The hybrid work model they offered their employees made it possible for workers to tend to their families and avoid excessive commutes and contaminations. The Trailblazer Ranch located among breathtaking Redwood trees in Scotts Valley, California looks like a camp for adults. The idea was to create a working space that their employees would want to spend time in. Trailblazer Ranch uses biophilic design to increase productivity, morale, and connection.

Tips For Choosing Plant Promotional Material

You don’t have to build a resort to channel the positive effects of biophilic design. Providing small desktop grow-kit plants for your employees and a reasonable amount of plants among the common office space offer great benefits. Matt Wagner, our expert plant representative recommends that companies and businesses choose herb or vegetable seeds instead of flowers for their grow kits. Matt says “the reason being is that then you have a whole other touchpoint with that product.” Essentially, when you gift someone a mint, basil, or oregano grow a kit plant you not only get to see it grow but you can harvest it as well. This adds to the positive sense of accomplishment that comes with completing something and reaping the benefits after.

Ideas for Using Grow Kits and Seed Paper

Here’s an idea, upon gifting your employees a mint grow kit challenge them to help their seed achieve “fulfillMINT.” If appropriate, how about rewarding the participants with a mojito made from their harvested mint?! You can throw in a grand prize if you combine this competition with a company sales or marketing challenge.

Another idea, Matt suggests giving clients forget-me-nots flower seed paper/grow kits. This flower’s name is the perfect play-on-words to help you break the ice with new clients or employees. The best part is that seed paper is among the most inexpensive promotional materials available. The ability for it the seed paper to turn into something fruitful makes it a much more practical item than a pen or a custom squeezie. Leverage the enchantment of growing plants from seeds and see the ways that it will help grow business to new heights.

How You Can Get Growing!

At AnyPromo, we know it’s critical to tend to employees’ needs and keep them satisfied. You can do something small but significant with custom desktop plants. We have an array of desktop plants that are easy to grow and can be customized with your business logo. Call or message one of our representatives to help you bring some fresh life into your office or business workspace! Check out our other blogs to see more recommendations for your clients or employees.



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