Bring Your Own Lunch Recipe: Honey & Lime Chicken Skewers #BYOL

By Fausto Mendez

    Every week, we suggest a fascinating, unique and delicious dish that is easy to reheat at your office lunchroom. This week’s #BYOL recipe: Honey & Lime Chicken Skewers.

Like many full-time workers, I don’t have much time for complex recipes that require a lot of effort, but I do enjoy a delicious as much as anyone else. That’s why I love this recipe for chicken skewers, posted at Kitchen Meets Girl. It’s easy, delicious and doesn’t cost much to make. I paired it with a side of white rice, though the recipe itself doesn’t recommend any sides. Now, let’s get started. 

Step 0 – Gather Your Ingredients

+ three tablespoons of soy sauce

+ two tablespoons of honey

one tablespoon of veggie oil

(juice of) one lime

+ two garlic cloves (minced)

+ one to two teaspoons of Siracha

+ red pepper flakes

+ two tablespoons of cilantro

+ one pound of skinless, boneless chicken breasts. 

Step 1 – Prepare the Marinade

+ Make the marinade by combining all of the ingredients except for the chicken.

Step 2 – Marinade the Chicken

+ Pour the marinade over the chicken breasts. Turn the breasts to coat the back. Let them sit in the marinade for an hour or so.

Step 3 – Grill & Consume

+ Grill over a medium-high flame for six to eight minutes per side.

+ Eat. You’ll probably eat it all, so you may need to make a second batch for tomorrow’s lunch. Keep the recipe on hand!

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