Bring-Your-Own-Lunch Recipes: Coconut Crunch Chicken Strips #BYOL

By Fausto Mendez

    Every week, we suggest a fascinating, unique and delicious dish that is easy to reheat at your office lunchroom. This week’s #BYOL recipe: Coconut Crunch Chicken Strips with Honey-Mango Dipping Sauce.

    Technically, this style of chicken is an appetizer, according to The Cozy Apron. But as an avid fan of chicken strips, I have to disagree. This will be my main course during my in-office lunch on Friday. Coupled with some of my favorite gourmet chips, this is an exceptional meal that will have my co-workers staring in my direction for hours.  

    The recipe reminds me of coconut crunch shrimp, a similar and very delicious idea. If you prefer shrimp, I imagine it would be rather easy to adapt the recipe, but enough talk. Let’s start by revving up your deep-frying oil to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The Grocery List for the Chicken Strips

+ One deep fryer (or pot) & enough veggie oil to fill it

+ Two (skinless) chicken breasts sliced into sixteen total strips total

+ Spices: Pinch of curry powder, pinch of Cayenne pepper, and enough salt + pepper to fill your heart’s desire.

+ Half cup of flour

+ Two eggs

+ Two cups of sweetened, shredded coconut

+ One Tablespoon of chives

The Grocery List for the Honey-Mango Dipping Sauce

+ Half cup of mayo

+ Half cup of frozen mango chunks, thawed

+ Two tablespoons of fresh cilantro

+ One tablespoon of honey

+ Small pinch of curry powder

+ Three to Four drops of Sriracha sauce (and more if you prefer spicier flavors)

+ Half teaspoon of FRESH lemon juice

 Step 1 – The Spices


+ Add all chicken strips to a bowl, and mix in the curry powder, a few pinches of salt & pepper, and finally a large pinch of Cayenne pepper. Toss it like a salad until you’ve thoroughly coated the strips.

Step 2 – The Outer Coat


+ In a larger bowl, add flour, a couple pinches of salt & pepper, and a large pinch of the cayenne pepper. Mix and mix some more. In a new and clean bowl, add the eggs, and beat them silly. In another new and clean bowl, add the coconut. 

+ One by one, dip each chicken strip into each bowl in the following order. Start with the flour bowl. Make sure the chicken strips are covered in the white powder; then, move them to the egg bowl. Finally, roll them around in the coconut bowl until the chicken is thoroughly covered in deliciousness. 

+ Hold all the finished strips on a separate plate until you’re ready to start cooking.

Step 3 – The Fry


+ Add a comfortable number of chicken strips to your deep fryer or pot. Don’t overcrowd the chicken strips in order to achieve the best result.

+ Fry each batch for about 90 seconds to 120 seconds. Move them around every 30 seconds or so. They should be a nice, golden color when they’re done.

+ Sprinkle a pinch of salt & pepper over each batch before allowing them to cool. Once cool, sprinkle chives over the strips for the final touch.

Step 4 – The Dipping Sauce


 + Blend all ingredients in a blender or food processor.

+ Serve immediately, or store the sauce in an airtight container inside your refrigerator.

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