Checklist: 10 “Must Takes” for This Summer’s Beach Trip

Summer is just around the corner, and may I just say, FINALLY! I’m definitely a summertime woman, and I’m so excited! I already have my countdown clock going until the days I could go to the beach and soak up the sun. Yes, I will miss the cold weather, and being snuggled up by the fire, but it’s summer’s turn to take over. Whether you’re in the coast of California, or the sunny beaches of Florida you’re bound to have a great time at the beach!

So we all know planning a beach day takes some time, and there’s always “the planner” in the group that gets thrown the workload to make sure everything goes smoothly. Well, you’re in for a treat! I happen to always be “the planner” when it comes to my family or friends. Yes, it could be a hassle, but now, I own it.

Allow me to help you make your life a bit easier with this top 10 checklist of what to take to the beach. You may or may not need all of these specific things listed, but if you do, you can thank me later!

Tanya’s checklist for a perfect beach trip:

  1. Sunblock: Game over if the first thing you forget is the sunblock. This is the number one product that you should take when planning a beach trip. If you have sensitive skin like me, then you know that not just ANY sunblock will protect your skin. This takes careful consideration and thought on selection. Don’t be open to just any product, because for all you know, it may not work on your skin. Everyone’s skin reacts differently, so make sure you get the proper sunblock for you and your family or friends. If anything, select a few (or two) options and take them all with you.
  2. Food – Lunch / Dinner: Prep the night before with the food you and your family or friends will be eating. This takes careful consideration, especially if you have picky eaters onboard. I actually qualify as a picky eater, but that’s why I’m the planner. I have to pack my own type of food separately. High maintenance? No…at least I hope I’m not perceived as one. Some great food ideas for the beach are sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers (bring the portable grill), salads, or nachos. Remember, these are meals aside of your snacks which I also list at a different number below.

    Swirl Beach Ball Item# 684154
    Swirl Beach Ball
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  3. Beach Activities: This means any water toys for the kids to a good volleyball for the adults, and if you don’t own one of those, then you must have a beach ball right? We know our customers at AnyPromo love beach balls, which help me to believe this is a popular item to take to the beach (or a baseball stadium, you didn’t hear that from me).
  4. Bathing Suit: It wouldn’t be a beach trip if you’re there in jeans/shorts and a t-shirt! You have to take your bathing suit if you’re going in the water or tanning along the shoreline. Don’t get bored watching people have fun as you’re sitting on the side with your regular clothes. Take in the sun and don’t forget to take your bathing suit!
  5. Spare Clothes: Okay so I’m sort of contradicting my previous paragraph. Spare clothes will help for after the beach trip, and/or if the weather begins to get cold at night. Okay Florida folks, you’re probably wondering where it could possibly get cold at night in the summer…California. During the summer it may be hot during the day, but nights could sometimes get chilly near the coast. I’ve experience some cold nights in the summer in California, and many in Massachusetts.

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    29″ x 58″ Java Beach Towel
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  6. Chairs/ Beach towel: You’ll need somewhere to sit or lay down. The sand isn’t comfortable to lay in, especially when you have a sandwich in your hand. If you start tasting sand in your sandwich, you’re doing it wrong. Just because it’s called a sandwich doesn’t mean it has sand…..okay okay…I was just trying to be funny with that one. Obviously you know how to make a sandwich, I hope. Anyways, I always find someone sitting on the cooler when there are no chairs or towels available to sit on. Bring the proper amount of seating arrangements for everyone, or let them know that they must all bring their own. Unless you decide to bring a big towel, like so, then 2 to 3 people can fit to sit on each towel.
  7. Canopy / Umbrella: For all the sensitive skin beach goers like me, this one is a must. I would LOVE to just stay out in the sun all day, but I get major heat rashes. Most of the time, you see most people always underneath an umbrella or canopy at the beach. You can even go as far as bringing a tent. Shade is convenient for people like me, or for people who just get tired of the sun rays striking on their body, or those who just don’t want to tan.

    First Aid Kit Item# 709977
    First Aid Kit
    Item# 709977
  8. First aid kit: Let me tell you how useful this could be. One time I ended up breaking out in hives from I don’t know what! But, I had cortizone in my first aid kit, and it helped rid of those nasty hives. Just thinking about it makes me itch. You never know what you’re going to come across at the beach. Trust me…I have many more stories, but I’m not ready to share them all on these blog posts just yet (wink). If you’re interested though, AnyPromo has First Aid Kits that can definitely help out beach goers!
  9. More Food – Snacks / Dessert: Why isn’t this included under #2 you may ask? Because when you’re considering snacks it’s another level. Most of the time people go to the beach, they don’t take full on meals, but you can’t forget about the snacks. The beach takes a lot of energy, make sure people are getting fed. AND Desserts, you definitely can’t forget this. Who doesn’t love delicious s’mores next to the bonfire…which transitions very well to my last one…
  10. Firewood: If your beach allows, bring firewood to have a nice bon fire. In California, it’s a bit difficult to find a beach that will allow fire pits. The main one I always go to in southern California is Huntington Beach. A good bon fire will allow for some kumbaya moments with your friends and family.

With this list, I guarantee you will be ready for a good beach trip! The essentials will make everyone wonder if you had a beach planner at your side (wink).

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