Cleaning Your Office for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to clean out your office space! This is the perfect time to encourage your employees and clients to purge what they don’t need anymore and make some empty space for the new. Giving your office space a deep clean at least once a year is helpful and can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your office. Clutter is an easy distraction and causes stress for some employees. There are too many reasons why a spring cleaning session can be extremely beneficial to your office. 

Below are a couple of helpful tips and items that you can gift to your employees or clients to help them maintain their spaces clean after a spring purge. 

1) Segment and Separate

Create different collection corners for recyclables, donatable items, plastic bags, e-waste, and general waste. Make sure to call and make appointments with your local waste management specialists to ensure your items are disposed of properly. When it comes to things like e-waste, keep a look out for e-waste community collection events and electronics stores with e-waste disposal capabilities. Most stores have bins where one can drop off small items like phones and old charging devices. 

2) Set Appointments

The next step is to set appointments for your different departments to take their items to the proper collection place. This is a great learning experience for those employees who have never separated their waste before. Additionally, print or write signs to guide employees to the right place. 

3) Set Infrastructure

Next, do maintenance checks every couple of months to ensure that the newly cleaned space stays tidy. If you have a good infrastructure, you will only need to do routine checks in the future.

4) Maintenance  

Finally, get up a good organizational system for your office space in place. Consider purchasing shelving units and bins to give important items in the office a designated home. 

As gifts for your employees, you can provide your staff with items that will help them keep their desk and office space and utensils clean and organized. Below, are some of our favorite picks for the spring cleaning season. 

Quick-Cleaning Lint Brush

Quick-cleaning promotional lint brush

Easy-Cleaning UV-C Chamber

UV phone cleaning promotional case

Double Sided Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

custom print micro-fiber cleaner

Kikkerland Sneaker Cleaning Kit

Promotional shoe cleaning kit

Self-Cleaning UV-C Humidifier

self-cleaning UV humidifier

Microfiber Duster Cleaner

promotional cleaning mirco-fiber duster

Easy Reach Telescoping Speed Duster Blue

promotional mirco-fiber duster

Sweep Cleaning Monitor Brush

Promotional monitor brush

Lens & Screen Cleaner Spray With Cloth

Promotional cloth and spray

70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Cleaning Wipes

Promotional cleaning wet wipes

Need more ideas? Check out our website to see more items that can be customized and branded with the personal logo of your choosing. See our other blogs for more product recommendations for the spring season.

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