Core Values within Today’s Company Cultures

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If you come across a company and cannot sense that they incorporate core values into their everyday mission, run! Core values are not just words that the company lists in their “About Us” section on their website. These values should represent the management, employees, clients, and the entire company atmosphere.

The phrase “easier said than done” relates to this topic. A study by ScienceDirect noted that when a company says that they focus on certain core values and actually acts on them, there is an increase in financial results. The best way to perform your core values are through your actions and the stories your company tells. Shawn Callahan of Anecdote International describes in an article, “if you want to change your culture, you need to change the stories that are being told about it.” The best way to beat a story is to tell a better story.Teamwork climbing walls

We listed the most important core values in today’s workforce. These are core values that we express in our stories as well as culture here at AnyPromo. We know that the best way to spread these values is to implement them in what we do with our daily tasks. It leads to great team building, communication, and an overall pleasant atmosphere to work in!

  • Integrity – the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles
  • Accountability – willingness to take responsibility for one’s own actions
  • Balance- stand to create and maintain a healthy work life balance for employees
  • Diligence – constant and earnest effort to accomplish tasks and be persistent
  • Diversity- respecting employee equity
  • Empowerment- encouraging employees to take initiative
  • Ownership- taking care of clients and the company’s success
  • Safety- ensuring the health and safety of employees.

Whether you are part of a company that has just launched or part of a company that is a seasoned expert, core values are the leading base of company culture. These values should be respected and performed by everyone at the company, leading good examples and telling good stories. What are your company’s core values?

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