Creative Advertising Gone Wild: Kmart’s First 2013 Xmas Ad Goes Balls Out

Ads are a dime a dozen, but great ads are rare. This week, we profile Kmart’s first TV commercial for the 2013 Holiday Season.

by Fausto Mendez

    Kmart proudly toutes the Joe Boxer brand and a set of talented male models in its latest TV ad for this year’s Holiday Season. It’s a funny and memorable video that is conveniently slipping into the sharing streams of web surfers around the world, so it is, of course, making its way across the Web as the marketing industry’s latest viral sensation.

    Like the best TV ads of the modern era, its lifespan stretches across several screens – from HDTV to smartphones – making it the epitome of a successful TV ad in 2013 and effectively multiplying its ROI again and again. 

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