Creative Advertising Gone Wild: Print Ads for Hovis Bread

British brand Hovis just launched a new advertising campaign, and it’s really hard to stop staring.


By Fausto Mendez

    Creating an effective ad that keeps your eyes glued for more than a few seconds is actually pretty hard to do – unless you’re exploiting sex. In that case, it’s actually pretty easy. Whatever the product, just make sure a naked model is holding it. That’s why we’re really impressed with a new set of ads out of agency JWT in London for Hovis, a popular bread brand in the UK. The ads keep eyes glued without the use of sex.


     As you can see, there’s a lot to look at. The ads spark a sense of nostalgia (or parenthood in those of us with kids). The longer I stare, the more I seem to appreciate the smaller details, the more I long for that simple time when life was just about school grades, silly pranks, quick sandwiches and lots of dirt. Ah, the good-ol’ days.

    I think I want a sandwich now. I guess the marketing effects are kicking in, or maybe it’s just lunch time.

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