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Under Armour in action.
Performance athletic apparel helps the US Naval Academy's football team beat West Point and Notre Dame.

AnyPromo is a proud authorized re-seller of Under Armour workout and corporate gear.  You can now get your brand or logo on customized Under Armour shirts, jackets, polos, headwear and more!

About Under Armor

Why is Under Armour so special?

This is why:

If you watch sports, you’ve most likely seen Under Armour being worn by your favorite athletes.  In addition to being the chosen performance athletic wear for many professional athletes, Under Armour sponsors many of the top college sports teams like the UCLA Bruins and Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish.

Under Armour proudly sponsors many NCAA football teams.

But do you know why Under Armour is preferred by athletes?

The secret to Under Armour’s magic is moisture-wicking technology.  In 1996, Kevin Plank, a former fullback for the University of Maryland, was frustrated enough with the T-shirts worn under his jersey becoming drenched in sweat to innovate a solution.  Noticing that his compression shorts would stay dry throughout practice, Plank created a T-shirt from the same micro-fabric materials, and Under Armour was born.

Plank gave the early versions of his revolutionary shirts to teammates from the University of Maryland and former teammates who had moved on to the NFL.  It wasn’t long before Under Armour started getting attention not only because their shirts were being worn by athletes, but because athletes rated these shirts so highly.

Today, Under Armour is synonymous with performance athletic gear.  Since their debut with HeatGear® shirts, Under Armour has gone on to continuously push the boundaries of micro-fabrics and performance athletic apparel.

What is so magical about micro-fabrics?

Firstly, they are made with synthetic fabric, which is:

Better for the planet

  • Fabrics made from plant fibers, like cotton, require a significant of water and land to grow on a farm.  Likewise, fabrics made from animal fibers, have similar resource requirements because of grazing needs.  Synthetic fabrics, on the other hand, require much less water to produce, do not need valuable farmable land, and do not carry the same kind of logistical overhead that comes with having to process a natural fiber.

More durable

Soldiers in the mud.
Mud run tested.
  • Synthetic fibers are much less susceptible than their natural counterparts to damage from human skin oil and sunlight.  Because synthetic fibers do not come from plants or animals, they are not targets for fabric pests such as moths or carpet beetles.  Specialized synthetic fabrics can be used for bulletproof vests worn by law enforcement and space-proof suits worn by astronauts.

Water resistant

  • Unlike natural fabrics, most synthetic fabrics do not retain moisture, making them much less susceptible to water damage.  In fact, that’s why synthetic fabrics are extremely popular for swimwear, bodysuits and diving suits.

What sets micro-fabrics apart is that they are made with microfibers.  In order to qualify as a micro-fabric, the fibers must be below 1 denier (the typical thickness of silk fiber).  For context, the average human hair is 20 deniers.

This results in a fabric that:

Wicks sweat

  • Micro-fabric athletic apparel is renowned for its ability to draw moisture away from the skin, towards the surface of the garment, where it can evaporate.  The tiny fibers are much more efficient at wicking away sweat due to the increased surface area and work much like human capillaries.

Is lightweight

  • Microfabric garments can feel like you’re almost wearing nothing at all.  Because they also won’t retain moisture like a natural fabric, they won’t become heavy or slow you down when you start to sweat, like with cotton.  This is what sets apart performance athletic apparel.

Can breathe

  • Depending on thread density, microfabrics can be designed for enhanced ventilation.  This not only contributes to the moisture wicking action and fights odor, but is partly responsible for the “wearing nothing at all” feeling mentioned previously.

Is silky smoothThe Zohan approves of Under Armour.

  • For millennia, the gold standard for a soft item of clothing has been silk.  Because microfibers must meet or exceed this standard in deniers, microfabrics are remarkably soft to the touch.

Anti-Odor, Antimicrobial Technology

A microscope.

In addition to being made with the magic of micro-fabrics, modern Under Armour apparel often features anti-odor and antimicrobial technology.

What does this mean?

Today’s athletic apparel is often treated with an agent that prevents or inhibits the growth of microbes.  These microbes include various bacteria which not only cause odor, but disease as well.  Wearing clothes with an antimicrobial treatment can not only prevent the embarrassment of smelling bad, but the symptoms of skin irritation as well (like bacne).

Other Under Armour Technology

In addition to featuring anti-odor and antimicrobial capabilities, Under Armour fabrics feature a number of other cutting edge proprietary technologies.  These features include, but are not limited to:Technology

  • UV Protection: That’s right, Under Armour makes fabrics that can protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Hybrid Fabrics: These are fabrics that combine natural and synthetic fibers, offering the best of both worlds without the drawbacks.
  • Anti-Pill, Anti-Pick Fabric: For a cleaner, snag-free finish.  These fabrics are less likely to get caught on stuff.
  • Thermo-conductive Technology: ColdGear® Infrared technology uses a soft, thermo-conductive inner coating to absorb & retain your own body heat.

Custom Under Armour Apparel

With custom Under Armour apparel, you can outfit your employees or sports club like a Division I NCAA sports team.  Classic Under Armour shirts are now available for co-branding to add a sense of legitimacy to your company softball team and give everyone the experience of wearing the same kind of high-tech athletic gear the pros do.

Under Armour Locker T-ShirtsUnder Armour Locker T-Shirts

These are the classic Under Armour shirts that changed the game.  They have raglan sleeve construction and flat-lock stitching that allows a full range of motion whether you’re working out or stretching at your desk.  Available fitted for men and for women, these shirts feature:

  • Raglan sleeve construction and flatlock stitching that allows a full range of motion whether you’re working out or stretching at your desk.
  • Anti-odor technology that prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes.
  • UA Tech® fabric with an ultra-soft, natural feel for unrivaled comfort.

The Ultimate Company Polo

The ultimate polo shirt.
Under Armour Men’s Playoff Space Dyed Polo available at

Did you know the the same people who make the most technologically advanced sportswear in the world also make corporate apparel?

Here are 5 reasons why Under Armour polo shirts are really awesome for your next company event:

  1. You can wear them anywhere
    • Bridging the gap between casual and professional, polo shirts are the golden standard for company events, office casual wear, or pretty much anywhere that it isn’t acceptable to just wear a T-shirt.  This is why the company polo shirt is one of the most worn items of company apparel after a company event.
  2. It’s still performance-gear
    • Under Armour corporate polos are the very same items of athletic apparel worn by golf and tennis pros.  They’ll also stand up to the same kind of punishment as their infamous performance shirts.
  3. You can get sweaty and still look professionalA sweaty Jordan Peele
    • From knocking door-to-door to grilling at a company barbeque, there are a lot of polo-appropriate events where you might get sweaty (which kind of defeats the purpose of looking professional).  The microfiber moisture-wicking action can help ensure people still want to talk to you no matter how hard you work.
  4. The power of co-branding
    • When people see your logo on an Under Armour polo, there is a mental association with excellence.  For millennials, Under Armour is the new Nike.
  5. Not just for men
    • Polo shirts have been a staple of male fashion for a long time, in fact, they are one of the essential items in a well-dressed man’s wardrobe.  However, that’s no excuse for only offering them in male cuts.
    • One of the biggest problems with ordering company polos is that the good designs are sometimes exclusively in a generic cut (for men).  As explained by some of my co-workers, getting stuck with a men’s polo cut that’s too big can feel like wearing “a blanket” or “a moomoo”.  Under Armour has solved this problem by offering all their corporate polo designs in female cuts so that everyone has an opportunity to wear something figure-flattering.

Under Armour Colorblock PolosUnder Armour Color Block Polo

Under Armour Colorblock Polos have white accents on the shoulders and under the arms.  Available fitted for men and for women, these polo shirts feature:

  • HeatGear® fabric to keep you cool, dry and light.
  • UPF 30+ protection to guard against damage from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Anti-pick and anti-pill finish for lasting durability.

Under Armour Tech PolosUnder Armour Tech Polos

Under Armour’s classic striped tech polo shirt.  Available fitted for men and for women, these polo shirts feature:

  • Under Armour’s signature moisture transport system that wicks sweat and dries fast.
  • Anti-odor technology to prevent the growth of odor-causing microbes.
  • UA Tech® fabric with an ultra-soft, natural feel for unrivaled comfort.

Other Corporate Apparel

Under Armour’s selection of customizable and brandable apparel isn’t just limited to their locker T-shirts and polos, you can also get your company or organization’s logo on jackets, quarter-zips, wind-shirts, headwear and more.

These are incredibly popular for company events or as corporate perks because when you give your employees and customers the best, they’ll wear it.  Under Armour apparel is extremely high quality because it’s made to withstand the stress of intense athletic activity.  The fact that manufacturing microfiber apparel requires some of the most precise equipment in the industry doesn’t hurt either.

Under Armour Ultimate Long Sleeve ButtondownUnder Armour Button Down Shirt

Under Armour button-down shirts are perfect for when you have to wear a suit on a hot day or want to look professional whilst breaking a sweat.  It features:

  • Under Armour’s signature moisture transport system that wicks sweat and dries fast.
  • Lightweight perforated AirVent® woven fabric delivers superior comfort and ventilation
  • Shoulder seams that are rolled forward for unrivaled comfort.

Under Armour Expanse ¼ ZipUnder Armour Expanse Quarter Zip

This ¼ zip hoodie made by Under Armour combines fashion and function (and has a handy, secure stash pocket in the arm).  It’s reinforced at the shoulders and back so that it doesn’t stretch out or warp when left on a hanger.  Available fitted for men and for women, these ¼ zips feature:

  • Four-way stretch fabrication that allows for greater mobility in any direction.
  • Water-resistant Armour Fleece® shoulders, top of arms and collar for an extra layer of protection.
  • Gridded fleece for increased breathability and optimal warmth without the weight.

Under Armour HeadwearUnder Armour Headwear

We have Under Armour headwear for all climates and seasons.

From left to right:

Under Armour CGI Porter 3-in-1Under Armour CGI Porter 3-in-1

If you give an Under Armour porter coat to an employee, it’s likely to be the highest quality rain and cold weather coat they own.  This porter jacket features:

  • A durable water repellant (DWR) finish that repels water without sacrificing breathability.
  • Windproof construction that shields you from the elements
  • ColdGear® Infrared technology uses a soft, thermo-conductive inner coating to absorb & retain your own body heat

Under Armour Bags

Under Armour Bags

Don’t forget about our Under Armour bags, which feature much of the same revolutionary technology as Under Armour apparel.  On the left is the Under Armour Team Hustle Backpack.  On the right is the Under Armour Small Duffel.  Both of these bags feature:

  • A durable water resistant (DWR) finish to keep your gear dry in the rain.
  • Adjustable, padded HeatGear® shoulder strap for total comfort.
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