#DIY Gifts & Giveaways: Origami-Heart Notes


By Fausto Mendez

    If you’re a fan of #DIY crafts for personalized gifts, promotional giveaways and event supplies, you should consider adding a personal touch to your next gift, giveaway or event with gorgeous origami-heart notes. 

    We’re always looking for innovative ways to say “thanks” to special clients that deserve some extra attention, and promotional giveaways are great for that. But nothing says “thanks” like a #DIY gift from the heart. These special origami-heart notes are relatively easy to build, and the graphic below explains it very clearly (even if the instructions are in Chinese). 

    Though they appear to be envelopes, what you are looking at is actually the notes themselves. Even the heart is apart of the note sheet. You would write or print your note on the inside, of course.


    You’ll need two separate sheets of paper in a square cut for this project. To maximize the marketing effect of this note, you should use a sheet of paper that features your company logo in a tasteful way. You can also add your logo to promotional mints or candy, and attach the mints or candy as a part of the gift. Thanks to Duitang for posting the image.

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