Promotional Giveaway: “Thanks for your Commit-Mint” Gift Bag / Basket


By Fausto Mendez

    If you’re a fan of #DIY crafts for personalized gifts and promotional giveaways, you should consider adding a personal touch to your next giveaway with a “thank you” gift bag / gift basket that plays on the word “mint”.

    This project is an inexpensive bag or basket of mint candies and perhaps other goodies and gifts. The goal is to find some relevant words that end with “ment” or “mint”, such as: commitment, encouragement, involvement, investment, enjoyment, environment, development, meant, etc. The words should be related to the effort that the gift receiver did for you or with you.

    After you assemble your bag or basket of mint candies, you attach a note that plays on the word “mint”.

    For example, if you’d like to thank a client for being such a dedicated and pleasant customer, your note might say, “Thank you for your relentless commit-mint. I hope your involve-mint and invest-mint in our firm continues tomorrow and long into the future.” The more often you throw “mint” into the mix, the better the note.

    Beneath my Heart developed the concept with an excellent example of a thank you note that plays on the word “mint”; we suggest you check it out if you have an extra few minutes to spare.

    If you’re offering this gift within a business context, you can also use the opportunity as a promotion for your brand, product or organization. Depending on your situation, you should include product samples and/or a handful of promotional giveaways, customized with your logo and message. AnyPromo is the Web’s low-price leader for promotional products, and with a catalog of over 40,000 products, you WILL find the right product for your promotional campaign. From custom iPad cases to custom travel mugs, there’s a custom giveaway to fit fit any price point. 

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