Download this Free Font: Beautiful Title Fonts for Commercial Use, Vol. 3


By Fausto Mendez

    Finding the best free #fonts isn’t easy (except when we post them here), but it’s always good for business to have some extra out-of-the-box fonts within arm’s reach. That’s why we’re always searching the Web for its best-kept-secret fonts.

We continue our free-font series “Beautiful Title Fonts for Commercial Use” with another round of five gorgeous title fonts that are pre-cleared for commercial use, so you don’t need to seek the copyright holder’s permission to use these in your marketing materials, ads, promotional giveaways, retail items, event supplies, websites, business cards and any other commercial purpose.

Of course, it’s good etiquette to credit the font creator with a link to their profile or website. After all, the designers behind these fonts deserve at least a mention, and they always love to hear about how their fonts are used. So shoot them a friendly message with some photos if you’re feeling nice.

Actually, we love it when people send us photos of their creations that use the fonts we post here, so don’t be shy. Show off your creations on our Google+ page. Download the fonts at the links below.

Dan by Font Fabric

Donovan by Nathan Brown

Kilogram by KalleGraphics

Illegal Curves by WESLO GFx

Hyped by Med Ness

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