Download this Free Font: Five Wedding-Invite Font Pairs

Finding the best free #fonts isn’t easy (except when we post them here), but it’s always good for business to have some extra out-of-the-box typefaces within arm’s reach. That’s why we’re always searching the Web for its best-kept-secret fonts.


by Fausto Mendez / image by Peter Loves Jane

   We’re no stranger to wedding-themed font collections and complimentative font pairings, but we’ve never featured a post that combined the two concepts until now. I guess I’m not much of a wedding fiend, but I do appreciate thoughtful font pairings. This week’s free font collection comes courtesy of Peter Loves Jane.

    Above, you’ll find five font pairings that work beautifully to complete each other, as should any soon-to-be-married couple. Below, you’ll find the links to download the fonts. 

1. Branboll Small + Ostrich Sans Rounded  

2. Corneria Script + Linux Biolinum Capitals  

3. Antrokas + Franklin Gothic Book  

4. Respective + Bentham  

5. Silk Script + Orator (Actually, Orator is not a free download. A free substitute could easily be Miso.)

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